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I was in a local bank today to cosign on a loan and the windows were horrible. This bank is known for the all glass construction and it is in a very high traffic area. The branch manager was excited to hear about my services and quickly requested a bid. I am going to go back tomorrow to do written bid but I thought I would get some more input on this. The bank has 48 4’X10’ mirror tinted windows and 2 entrance doors. The branch manager said that they haven’t been cleaned in at least 4 years that she knows of. A man was hired 2 years ago, cleaned 2 windows and said that he would come back with more equipment only to never return. So now on to the questions. First, what would be a reasonable bid for a quarterly (outs quarterly and ins and outs yearly) account? I have a price in mind but I would like to make sure that I’m not too far off. Second, all of the windows are 8’ off the ground. Would this be a good job for a wfp or is this going to be one of those nose to glass jobs? I haven’t used a wfp but I am thinking it just wouldn’t get the glass clean enough for a first cleaning. Third, I have never cleaned mirror tinted glass. Are there different steps that need to be taken to clean these verses the normal glass we are used to cleaning? Any help would be much appreciated.

WFP should do the job no problem. Unless you have some staining on the glass. Outsides only I would hit em at 5 or 600. If there is staining, add an additional 300 bucks for the removal, or you may even want to do the stain removal for “free” and charge 650 outsides only quarterly with a signed 3 year contract. Insides, I would hit em at 200 bucks maybe.

I’m not sure about the price, i’d have to see the building.

As far as the WFP thing goes, think twice if that’s the only thing you’re going to use it for, you’ll find that you can’t use it all the time.

I have 3 of these banks similar to the one you are mentioning, with the mirror tint on the outsides. You can simply clean them using normal methods.

I bought a WFP thinking it would be faster and do a better job, but it turned out that the windows were hydrophobic and spotted up no matter how many times I cleaned and rinsed. I was sold on the WFP by lots of window cleaners on forums like this, but when I asked why I had such a hard time the answer was… “well it doesn’t work on everything” “you’ll have to get more jobs that you can use your WFP for” and other replies that did not help.

Beware of those who say the WFP cleaning job looks great. Your standards are probably higher than theirs.

If you have access to a WFP or can borrow one to see if it will work on the building, then I would go that route first. Nothings worse than having a $6000 system sitting in your garage when you already have a full schedule.

By the way, on the three I banks I clean. I use the unger-add-a-pole to reach the super high windows, and an unger Vice-Versa, if you get good and fast enough, you can even clean them when the sun is out. Try that method first before spending thousands.

Go to corporate.

WOW Ricardo that California cost of living is up there. For what you are saying $500-$600 for the outsides. Here in Phoenix you’d be competitive at $55.00 out. In/out $110 bucks. Just under an ho per side to get it done.
This would be at a maint. cleaning price. Hardwater spots $5-$10 per pane to be removed. The tinted film. Is it an after market application? Then it will be installed on the interior side. Use your regular squeegee juice solution as long as it isn’t amonia based.

Well, since there is a huge gap in bids here. Shoot it high and laugh your way to your bank with their check in hand.:smiley:

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To do what?