Needs yals expert advice for my webpage

Its still in the works but what changes do I need to make or improve so far…


Not bad

You could make it more mobile friendly.

I agree need to spend more time on that

I am working on my own website currently - and something someone told me made me think about portrayed confidence and not sounding apologetic. Confidence portrays quality. "

In your about me section, stuff to think about:

“We are not looking to make millions, just enough to get by and keep the business going and that’s why our services are very affordable.”

  • Is this necessary information? It sounds apologetic for pricing, if I was looking for your service it personally would makes me think of someone I can haggle down to a lowball price. And does someone" just getting by" use the right equipment or use just enough to get by in the job he does?

“We know we dont offer a lot of services but what we do offer we are truely proffesional at and if you need something done that we dont provide we will be more that happy to point you in the direction of someone who can take care of your needs.”

  • Once again apologetic sounding. I tell people I specialize in certain services and limit them in order to make sure those services can be performed to the highest quality, if I am a jack of all trades I usually won’t provide that same level as focusing on a specialty. You don’t ask an eye doctor to set a broken leg :wink: Maybe something along the lines of "meeting your X & X service needs is our specialty and by focusing on these services we are able to provide the best quality in meeting those needs. If there is a service we don’t provide we can put you in contact with businesses which we believe hold the same values of quality and integrity as us.

In the about me section there are a couple grammar / spell check issues. (Not that I’m an awesome speller) but the word moto should be “motto”, and truely should be “truly”.

Anyway hope this gives some ideas. When I get my site content finished ill bounce it at you for ideas :wink:

Thanks for the advice I actually just did some editing on the about me page. I took out the stuff you mentioned too because I could definetly tell I was just trying to get some extra content in there. I just double space to help with :wink:

I think I pretty much agree. You do actually offer a fair amount of services, so I wouldn’t phrase it like that either.

Great picture of the family in the About Us page.
I think it portrays "Happy, Confident, and Capable.’
-I’d hire ya. :slight_smile:

I’d hire him too, I see clean cut and hard working!
[MENTION=8289]bret_mayo[/MENTION] - You actually offer a lot, you offer more services than I do!

Looks good

You don’t have your service area. Will you clean windows in Houston?

Thanks it’s always good to show off the family ever chance you get :slight_smile:

Yea I need to do that and yes I’ll drive to Houston. It almost a 2 hour drive so it would def have to be worth it though.

Thank you sir and being a member and reading the forum is what has made it easy to add services on over time. Wish I could’ve learned about things like gutter whitening a long time ago…

… The first thing I notice when your home page comes up is that if I don’t click some tab
I know little to nothing about you. I don’t even know what kind of business you are unless
I scroll down and see the box with pressure washing and soft washing and being
in a box like that at the bottom of the page it looks like it’s some secondary thing you do.
I’m too lazy to watch the pictures slide by and figure out what you do. I want it spelled
out for as soon as I get to the site. It is a nice looking site though.

Couldn’t tell you as music = instant closing of website in my book.

Just want to try a song in the background and see what feedback I get.

I think that you’ve gotten some good advice here. But, since you asked for our ‘expert advice,’ remember that we are (most of us, any way) experts in the window cleaning field, not website design.


Lose the elevator music and add the words cleaning services to Luxury Look.

you don’t ride around in a jacked up truck with your hat turned backwards listen to ac/dc do you haha? Just messin but yea I put it where customers can play it if they want. I had someone else design most of it but I went in myself and did everything like I wanted. Check it out and let me know what you think. thanks

Hey I went in and got the site looking like I want it to. Can you check it out when you get a chance. thanks

But customers don’t have the option to turn it on “if” they want it, me personally whenever I go on a website that has background noise I leave ASAP and I am not alone on this. I can almost promise you it will never book you one additional job, but it will cost you potential customers for sure. Just my 2 cents, I am no web expert but have spent a ton of time studying them and know there is very few “good” sites out there with background music jammed down your throat because they do one thing…drive customers away.