Negativity is something that you should not listen to too closely in establishing your business. It is a corrosive influence that stops you from pursuing your dreams, establishing a business, or pursuing a direction in your business.

All around the world, in every business there are people saying that something cannot be done. That you can’t make money doing something. That a certain venture is unimportant, or all prospective customers are price shoppers who will dump you when someone less expensive comes along.

Of course, when weighing a particular venture, you cannot go in with rose coloured glasses, you must weigh the positives and negatives, but be careful [B]who[/B] you are listening to. If you are listening to a person who is unsuccessful (in other ventures too), or didn’t try hard enough, then why are you listening? If you are listening to someone who tried every possible method and failed and perhaps is very successful at something else, then he may be worth listening too. Often though, you got to give something a try, and learn from your mistakes. It has often been said that successful entrepreneurs make mistakes.

Why am I saying all this? Well, I have pursued commercial and storefront window cleaning for 6 years, and have been successful both as a franchisee and the initial success I’m enjoying as a independent, incorporated business. Yet over and over again, people say you can’t make money at storefront, the customers are price choppers, and they don’t care about their windows being cleaned.

If you listen to the crowd, you will never try this lucrative work. So if you want to learn more about pursuing this endeavour ask me, or whatever new venture you are getting into, ask those who know, don’t ask those who gave it a half hearted try, or are just repeating what others say.

If one listens to the negative voices, we would never fly, go to the moon, or run space missions. There are always those who say something cannot be done.

What separates a great entrepreneur from a failure. Persistence. Sometimes things don’t work out right away, a particular method you are using is failing, or you are pursuing the wrong market. A successful entrepreneur keeps trying before giving up, whereas the negative voices often try a little bit then give up.

Careful Mike, something positive might come out of this post. :wink:

Excellent post Mike. Very balanced approach.


I am curious if it is negative to share experiences that are not as good as yours Mike?

I am also curious how well some do who have less “influence” from theocrats.

Thanks guys.

Phil: of course it’s not bad to share bad experiences, we all like complaining about bad stuff that happens.


I was asking a legitimate question…

Is it negative when experience is different than yours? I never said ‘complain’…did I?

Your chances of being one of the 140, 000 are reducing fast.

Here was where a personal attack was written.



I see.

My apologies to anyone else who sees my input here in the way mike does.

I think you have a lot to offer, though you seem to be negative a lot to-wards him and some other people. I re=read what you said and yes, I find it negative.

Share be open and honest but constant daggers and innuendos are certainly beneath all of us here. If you have a beef take it to the Fridge area, and work it out. If you are frustrated take it to the Fridge area and work it out.

Now the Whole Premise of this topic was Negativity.
I have been reading a lot about this and in attending formal business meetings as well as public speaker events lately that I have been attending for the last 6 months. The common topic and point is Negativity in the work place and our personal live’s. If we manage to catch ourselves from being negative, we proceed further as a person and will of course proceed further as a business.

There is a fellow in the area here, who is great at carpet cleaning, maybe even better than I am (I do floors and windows, for health reasons I can not do one full days only…) He is technically good but boy oh boy is he negative.

The JanSan company who sells him solutions, told him two months ago, do not come back, his customers are dropping him like flies. Why, because he is negative, condescending and rude. Now, when you get him to “suck back and reload” he is a very nice and easy to get along with fellow. It is only when he gets on the I gotta work and make money single mindedness that he becomes rude, crass and tries to up sell or scare his customers into giving him more money. It does not come out at all as he intends. He is is own worse nightmare in business and in personal interactions.

Now after meeting him, listening to him and seeing what his actions and words have gotten him in the last year, I try to force myself into doing the exact opposite. I will bend over back wards to offer only the most friendly of faces, the softest and kindest of words, give extra free services and time. So far my revenues have been going up wards, not down wards.

Thank you for this thread and all who are participating, you have made me aware again of this trend to wards negativity and this sad business person in general, who I forgot for a while now, so I will strive to be the opposite of him again for the next month and see what the world thinks and throws back at me :smiley:

I treat folks in no particular way. This is a forum…‘treating’ is subjective.

This is an electronic community…we are no different here than out on the streets. By that I mean there is no requirement to enjoy one another’s company. Please feel free to exit when you wish.

Mike was dishonest in his recent post. But it is how he feels. He and I have been at this on other forums for some time. usually, we come out as peers. I doubt that will happen this time since he lied.

But, I know the truth about him…and he about me. I like the side of the screen i am sitting on.

As for taking this to the fridge…i assume the moderators will decide where things should be posted …or reposted. Maybe you can ask one of them with the power to deliver your request. I simply hit a reply button…and the computer gods send the post to its home.

hmmmmm…that’s sounds like negativity to me…nice post, maybe follow it???:eek::eek: but don’t hurt yourself:p

Maybe it’s a “necessity” for that too;)

I did get too personal in the last post, and should have just debated the topic at hand. I usually don’t resort to personal attacks, and Phil I apologize for the personal attack.

I’ll edit the post.

I can handle ‘personal attacks’ when they are accurate. (yours was not)
This is behind us. I figured you were having a bad day,

Yes, it was inaccurate. As your pm has given me more insight into why you have changed your business focus several times.

And I was having a bad day, forums are bad, at bring out the worst in us. However, I do, nearly to a fault not attack others on this forum, I merely disagree with their opionion or threads.

I do disagree with you, quite strongly at times, but to go from a debate to a personal attack, that is where I shouldn’t of crossed the line.

There’s no place for personal attacks. Debates, and conversation is what should ensue. Attacks, just make people get tired of forums.

Isn’t that predetermined?

Yes, it was inaccurate. [B]As your pm has given me more insight into why you have changed your business focus several times.[/B]

That info was just as available on the very forums and posts you disagree on. Public knowledge. There should have been no need for a PM.

I do disagree with you, quite strongly at times[/B], but to go from a debate to a personal attack, that is where I shouldn’t of crossed the line.

what you ‘disagree’ with are my experiences. What you ‘debate’ with me are my feelings.

You apology has been accepted. Let us both move on to something more fruitful.

why do the posts about window cleaning, become posts about religion and scripture?

just wondering…