Nest International?

I had a company contact me today called Nest International. Apparently they’re a contracting company and they needed a window cleaner for some stuff. They get the call and sub-out a local window cleaner, this today being me…

Has anyone heard of them or had experience with them?
I had a friend who’s opinion I hold close tell me that they are not that great, but that was a experience that happened in Michigan.

has anyone had recent experience… I kinda don’t know what to think…hummm…

Don’t want to get into a big cluster fudge with problems

I have refused several NEST jobs because they want Ferrari treatment at Fiat prices. Wasn’t worth my time. In one case they were willing to pay me $12 to drive 40 miles, unload my truck and walk 1/2 mile into a mall to clean 6 windows. No thanks.

As long as folks keep working for these clowns, they keep taking away your work.

We took on some work from them one winter, mostly mall work, so good for bad weather, even then it was not worth the hassel, Doing the windows was no problem, didn’t pay very well but better than nothing when its 0 degrees out, the hassel was waiting around to get their piece of paper signed, We told every manager that we would drop a windows cleaned card when we did them and get them to sign for a bunch of services at once , which made it a bit easier , all in all not worth the hassel though, We dropped them when the weather improved

All jobs I ever did for them were low and slow on paying, however when starting out they are great to get your foot in the door on mall work

I turned down some local work from them last week – price was my issue.

I’ve done a ton of work for them. As long as you state what you want and they need you, they’ll pay you.

They contacted me a few years ago on a few Target stores, and told me they would pay, $35.00 for out only and $75.00 for in & out on the small store and $75.00 out only and $175.00 on in & out on a large one. They told me there terms are net 45. I told them on small store $75.00 for out and $175.00 for in & out and on large store $175.00 for out and $350.00 for in & out, I said my stated price was high because I had to wait for my money from them, the lady actually said “You’re Crazy” and hung up. 2 weeks later she called me back and apologized and I did those stores for the next 2 years at my price without a hitch.

I actually did about 10 other accounts for them on a monthly basis until I had to get rid of some route work to make room for my more profitable window cleaning, and Target now has it done only a few times a year because of the economy. I’ve done a lot of work for a few different National Service Organizations over the years. Just tell them what you will do it for, no matter what they want to give you, and if they are desperate, they’ll use you.


thanks everyone on the advice and shared experience. I’m gonna give it a shot, but as windowman said I will state my price.
I’m always looking to make my route more profitable, but if this gets in the way I’ll drop it, it’s nothing I need but really just some extra route work…I can appreciate some “extra” :smiley:

It’s threads like this one that make me understand why these forums are important. I"ve never heard of this company. Just looked at their website.

Thanks for the heads up!

cool, I’m glad this could help.
Yeah I never heard of these folks til today.
I’ll keep this updated on how the process goes with them, hoping to be smooth.

HEY! Chirs or Alex, have these people contacted you for work?

This post should be required reading before joining ANY WC’ing forum. Then, required again just right after it was missed the first time.

But…what do we (those with experience) know.

Key words here are: “if they are desperate”; in my area they never are that desperate.

You’ll find plenty of threads in the World archives with discussion on national service companies, and NEST specifically.

This is interesting, they must have lost some accounts. I also was contacted by them last week to clean 3 victoria secerts here. I told the lady, “I don’t do store front” she commented “OH why not? It’s very profitable” I told her “Maybe for your company when you sub out the work a pay that sub peanuts.” She told me she would be taking my company off of their potential sub list. I told her “thanks i’m not a sub”

Or gained some – the call I received referenced a newly-built store.

Nest owes me $35 from 2003. Its been 5 years and Im still kinda bummed about it. Every time they call us for a job I ask about my $35.


so yea see if you can look into it for me next time you speak to them

so you did you wokr for them? when and how much work?
Yeah, I’ll ask LayKesha, the lady who handles the window department about your $35.

Different people same subject here.

I was contacted today to clean a jewelry store by National Retail Solutions, based in Indiana. ver heard of that one ?

They wanted my to clean that today since they’re having an inspection, I said that I have to go there to see how many windows to give him an estimate and he said just do it, and after that we can give you the rest of the stores in you area. They faxed me a work order and a W-9 form and went to the store, 27 panes in and out, pretty much clean, took me and my wife 45 mins. I was planning on charge them 80-90 arguing that is a first deep cleaning ( never been cleaned before) and is a brand new store.

I’m way to off on that one ? is net 30 and manager wants it done 1 month in and out.
Is 5 mins from my house by the way.

waiting to hear from you is you’ve had any experiences dealing with this people.