NEST - National Service Provider Feedback

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Chris, are you going to make this compiling public for other window cleaners to see? We work with several of the accounts you have here but I wasn’t sure what you were shooting for and if it will be available for newbies to see.

[MENTION=5616]Jared[/MENTION] it is wide open for everyone in the world to see.

Can I vote on these if I no longer do business with them?

[MENTION=915]ShinyWindowz[/MENTION] Yes I hope you vote on as many of them as you can.


How has your relationship been with them? Aren’t they located in Jersey?

They have owed me $13 for 7 years

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They owe me $120, but they deny it. Technically they probably don’t. They had the Goody’s chain and owed me for 2 cleanings when Goody’s declared bankruptcy. They claim that they don’t owe me until their client pays them. I’m sure they have their backsides covered on that point but in my mind NEST owes me, whether they like it or not. They hired me, not Goody’s. I won’t work for them ever until they pay me the $120. Actually I wouldn’t work for them any way.

I have a history of about one year (probably a little less) with this company. I forget which chains they asked my company to clean but this was my experience.

They never paid on time…not at any point. They owed several hundred dollars for almost a year after I stopped working with them. I would make call after call after call to try to get paid and every excuse possible was used. They were terribly disorganized. They would say a check would be in the mail but I would find out later it was never sent.

At one point they asked what software I used to run my business and invoicing with and when I told them it was privately written software they wanted to purchase it. Since I am in the window cleaning business I did not want to go into the software business.

I see a post in here that Goody’s went out of business and NEST was saying they were not obligated to pay. I never signed any contract with them so there was no fine print involved. But as far as I know, Goody’s owed NEST and had their contract with NEST, not your company. NEST sub-contracted separately with your company and so is obligated to you to pay whatever work you did. I asked Cleanway what would happen if a business went bankrupt that had contracted Cleanway to provide services. They answered the same way that I just said above. Cleanway stated they would pay their sub-contractors regardless of any bankruptcy issues.

For any of these national service providers…you only make money if they pay you. With NEST you have a very real chance of never seeing a dime. If you and your men enjoy working for free then you might like NEST.

NEST had a neat trick: on the front of their checks there was a line that read something like “endorser agrees to all current terms and conditions.” I have no doubt that they covered themselves legally and will never pay me the money that they owe me.

I had the same experience with them as far as getting paid. They ALWAYS paid late. I can’t count how many times I called them to see when they would get my money to me and was told “I just saw your check go in the mail today.” Sometimes I got a check a couple of days later, sometimes I didn’t.

I would NEVER work for NEST again. I fired them a few years ago and I would urge every other contractor to stop working for them and avoid them.

I dealt with them for several years, but also said bye-bye a few years back. They were never horribly late paying, but with their net 51-60 policy, there’s no excuse for 61 if you ask me.
I found them to be very disorganized as well and showed not even a shred of loyalty to anyone who was reliable for them (me).
They often expected me to do their foot work for bidding jobs. They wanted me to measure widths of window spans, regardless of how tall they were or if there were columns of panels. Didn’t matter, only width. The killer is when they claimed their budget only allowed $25 for a Sleepy’s that I bid at $160.

Anybody here worked for CBRE? Your experience? Thanks

I have a quarterly account with local hospital, Hill Crest south. The people i deal with work for this company.

His card is CBRE say’s director of engineering / health care services.
I have not looked to see if the check i get say’s CBRE on it. It will be about march before i see the next check.
Next quarterly cleaning of first floor, is first week of January. I see about a net 60 ish pay-out.

Trying to get hard water issues taken care of. Or dealing with hey ya all need to get this building cleaned too.
Is sometimes like pulling teeth… Can you clean that high? Uhh yeah i can :slight_smile: How long would that take you??
I would have to look at all what you like done. Then i could give you a ball park figure :wink:

yeah yeah we know about it… later we will :slight_smile:

U huh yeah!! You don’t have to deal with the hard water on these panes. Feel that chatter of my blade as i squeegee those windows.

Hopefully some help for you in a way

wanted me to do 3 places said no after seeing 45 day payment plan

Nest or CBRE?

nest did not like working for them 20 year’s ago!