New add on for window cleaners

So… I’ve been meaning to share this and with an unexpected day off today I figured it would be the perfect time.

I have a beach front restaurant account that I do on a saint basis. They have a balcony with an awning. The balcony has the classic glass wind screens you commonly see plus plastic wind screens that roll down to cover the gap between the railing and awning. This plastic wind screen is somewhere between 20 & 30 ft. Off the ground. When I looked up how to clean them the manufacturer suggested a microfiber cloth and water. Feenin by hand in this matter does absolutely nothing but smear around dirt and salt. Similar results to cleaning a window with Windex and a rag. So what I figured out is to use my water fed Pole and the wagtail microfiber attachment (I want to say brush but it’s not a brush). I run it through my deionizer and it works wonders. It doesn’t dry 100% clear because the water runs down the plastic in trails similar to hydrophobic glass but its the only way I’ve found to reasonably and effectively clean these things.

Did all your customers call today and cancel for good?


And if they did, what would you do?


Great question. This should be its own thread…


No my truck was in the shop.

I just spit my coffee out on my desk…LMAO

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Did you wipe it up with straight pulls or S-turns?


I’m sure you used to microfiber towel, I would have used a huck towel. LOL