New addition to the truck

I really wish I could settle into a van and being able to have all my shit inside and set up but a truck has so much more cool factor. My truck is only used as a window cleaning truck and every tool has it’s place. No more room left. So I had this idea in mounting my reels inside the bed and they came out well and are great to work with. The reels swivel to what ever direction I’m running the hose from. Here are a few pics of them.

you aint kiddin, that truck is loaded up! you need air bags to keep the bed from saggin with all that stuff in it? :smiley:

very nice swivel mount reels, where did you get them or the swivels?

Dude, that is a sweet sweet setup. But if it was me, I’d paint eye balls on those reels so that whoever is behind you gets a laugh… but then again, I’m weird like that.

Nice set up !!!

[MENTION=362]buddyo[/MENTION]. Art, those reels are genius ! What type of filtration system are you using?
Are those little pump sprayers for your solution ?

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The reels were just a crazy idea that worked out. I am using the RHG H2Pro and yes to the sprayers.

I had a regular half ton (F-150, Chevy 1500, etc) loaded like that and the weight burned out my torque convertor and caused major slippage of my transmission. I now pull trailers if using the multiple pole setup and/or carrying the heavy ladders and tools. The Dakotas are loaded each day for the accounts they will be servicing. I have a 6 X 12 enclosed with a ladder rack that is always stocked and ready to go for just about any job short of 40’ ladder work and I have a 5 X 10 open with 3’ solid sidewalls and ladder rack, tool boxes and tank. Just lock the RO/DI units and pump/battery units in and go

Very cool idea to an already Bad A** truck! my favorite wrap so far.

Man the Tundra has worked out well for me and is a pleasure to drive. The truck is too heavy for the lifts at the dealer and they have to drive it up on the alignment machine to change the oil. The weight the truck carries is deceiving due to having additional leaves added to the rear when I first bought it. Although I wish the mileage was better I would definitely buy another one. Funny story: I pulled up to a home about a week ago and when the home owner came out to greet me the first words out of his mouth were “Well you sure take your business seriously” :stuck_out_tongue:

+1. We have 2 of these indestructible trucks. We do a Lotta heavy duty towing, usually with 4 guys, and a full load in the bed, and this winter, half the time in 4wd. Neither truck has ever had 1 single problem. Just oil changes and tires. …if only they’d sell a Sprinter type van here in the US…

Amen to that brother