New and have a question

First of all, what a site. I’m very thankful to have found this place.

I’m an auto detailer/home detailer (yeah, I call it that…fancy for power washing) that is adding window cleaning to my arsenal. Just wanted to know what you all would recommend getting as a set up for the below homes that I will be doing 90% of the time?

Again thanks for your input!

Those look like great candidates for a waterfed pole set up. I would suggest visiting a window cleaner in your area to get some pointers. Of course you can get a ton of info on starting out in wfp work w/ this guide
I’m always willing to talk to other wcers as well. You can e-mail or call me 319-325-9475.
Welcome to the forum.

Thanks for the reply. Thought I would just get yelled at and told to use the search button!
I did search but my situation is unique. Thanks again.

Hey, ask the question, someone will answer it. Most of the people on this board will help you, not flame you. All of us started with our firsts…windows, ladder, ropes…mistakes. Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. You aren’t going to make any dumb mistakes someone here hasn’t made already…prolly me 'cause I am old and have made a bunch of them

Welcome and post up

Hi Justin. Welcome to the Site! You’re starting on the right foot by coming here. Hopefully you can minimize some of the mistakes that we all make starting out :slight_smile:

Welcome Justin,
“Home Detailing” I like that.

Like that? My customers do.
I was at one of my “detailing” customer’s homes and they asked if I could detail their home as well as I had just done their car. I said sure. Let me research it and get back with you. A month later I power washed (low pressure of course) my first home. I now cross sell everything I do. I do a home they here about my automotive services and vice versa.
Then last week, I was asked to do the interior, fixed glass windows. Their house cleaners don’t do them and can’t when asked. I said let me research it and here I am.

Once again, thanks for the warm welcome. Who knows, maybe auto detailing can be added to the “Add On” section! I’d be honored to help out!