New Business card

What do you guys think? all criticism welcome. Obvious use of Kevin’s stuff…

Is the third clean time controlled? Or do they have to have the third clean within the sixth months? The way it is now, couldn’t they just use the third cleaning price a year later?

Well, I like the fact the card is now a marketing tool that also has value associated with it.

I don’t know how I feel about the offer. Please come back and share your results

The card looks good

looks clean…the offer is ahhh, ok…but nice job

your offer on the card tells the client that you are new to the business and are desperate for work…

which means that they would prob use somebody else who has been around for a long time.

Why does offers like these make one appear to be desperate for work? The Toyota dealership where I get the oil in the truck changed gives the 3rd service for free. My favorite ice cream shop gives the 5th away. Several other business do this that I can think of, and I don’t get the impression that they’re desperate. Is window cleaning different?

I disagree 1000%

The “123” thing would be better used as a limited special offer. Not on a business card.
I think your offer will end up biting you in the near future. Consider using the back side for estimates or appointments.
I like the the idea of using a photo. It has a good personal touch.

Why don’t you have the phone number on the front also? I am a true believer that if your work is quality and you treat your customers right they will come back to you again and again. Maybe you could offer a loyalty discount of like 10% or $25.00 off, but I would never disount our services 50%, thats way toooooo much! Why would you do work for free?

I always hold on to my coupons and come back that third time for free ice cream… I had a star-bucks card and the fifth caramel frappuccino was free, so you bet I was at star-bucks getting my frappuccino on :smiley:


You even used the same font and the same reg/bold font weighting!


That’s funny

It’s an interesting use for a business card, I hadn’t thought of this application before. Nice creative thinking.

Total lack of arguments on that statement.
Desperate for work ? didn’t get any of that while looking at it.
New to business ? Based on what ?

Agreed. I will adjust the offer pronto. I actually was wondering about that myself…
Good point about the third clean, I completely forgot about that. I’ll present a revised version soon. Thanks for the input guys.

How can I word the offer it so that it includes a term that controls the third clean to within six months of the second?

In the */conditions, just add, offer to be used within 3/6 months of the last clean.

Thats what ive done, but obviously the whole idea is to get people to use our services more often, so instilling a fear of loss directly in the offer would have more of an effect than in the fineprint.

You may find that the fine print gets more attention then the main offer…

I wouldnt use it as business card. It would be great as a postcard to handout and to mail out.

You’re right, solid reasoning.

The offer needs to be motivating, not the fine print. Fine print is also looked upon with at least a measure of disdain. Be loud and proud instead.

And the whole idea is that you generate more work in a small window, so in the end you win. Perhaps a shorter redemption period? 3 months?

The only issue you’ll face is that it will engender a certain sense of entitlement, instead of appreciation, so you’re gonna have to brace yourself for cold-hearted demands for their freebie cleanings, and be prepared to smile as you do it.

Great quote Kevin - definately something to remember.