New Business - New Website

Hey guys. I launched my second company last month and here’s the new website

This knocks the socks off my website for my main company. I’m working on SEO as we speak.

Hey Brennon,
Do you have someone running Tellico for you? The website is clean and easy to navigate. As usual, I picked out a few things on the English part of things. It should be “contaminants”, not "contaminates"
In pricing “based on " might be better than " based off”.

You may hear something about your picture of a man(you?) standing on the top step of a stepladder as far as safety goes. I do it all the time, but many are adamant about avoiding that.

Great looking site, very neat and clean.

Did you design it, or did you have it done? If you had it done. who?

I live near Tellico Village. I have homes in both the village and the new development in Lenior City on the lake. As you know the developers are going bankrupt. How often do you come to TN from SC? Lets meet for coffee next time you are in town.

John Lee Window Cleaning
Maryville TN
865 310 0728

Thanks. I do have a good friend that is running it for me. It’s just a business that will operate 3 days a week.

Thanks for the english lessons. I went through and made the changes!

Thanks. I did it myself using iweb and I’m using a program called iweb SEO from Rage software for the SEO side. Just starting that process.

We definitely need to sit down for coffee. My home base is in Ohio, but I’m here now. Want to grab a cup tomorrow? We’re not working in 6-8" of snow! Call me 865-408-8557

Damn thats a nice website!

Hey Brennon,
I thought I recogized your website. I spoke to you on the phone a couple weeks back. The site looks good!

The landing page title is index you may want to think about changing that otherwise a good looking site.

Brennan, site looks great, good luck

Thanks. Yeah…it was the only way to get iweb to do something it’s not supposed to. That Webinar this week exposed some flaws in the formatting in how it appears across all browsers. I actually have handed web building over to a pro. He’d now building me a wordpress site.