New Business on a shoestring

After 23 months of “thinking about it” I have decided to start my new window washing business in Hutchinson KS!
That’s the good news. The not so good news is that I am jumping into this with no experance and VERY little money.
Anyone that knows the Hutchinson KS area (or not), I welcome your advice. I already know that I am nuts for doing this but I see a great potential in this small town of 40,000 people.



Welcome and good luck… I think @tony C is from that town in Kansas…

Welcome and Good Luck…

Start cleaning storefronts part time
Start marketing the upper end rezzy
Think of a add on service to back end
Become the “go to guy” in your area

It can be done and you can do it

Good luck! It’s tough starting but worth it! I’ve just been going for about a month. Don’t get discouraged and spend some time meeting people and searching these forums - there are many successful people in the business willing to give good straightforward advice here. I started out a month ago with a squeegee, 12’ pole from HomeDepot, soap and a bucket for cheap. If you can afford a little more buy a starter kit through wcra - I wish I had done that first. Anyway good luck!

Biggest tip: Spend a decent amount of time reading old and new threads on this site - well worth the education!

Well said bunker
I am sure if you ask you will find most all here started " on a budget"
Is there another town within 60 miles that you can market upper end rezzy too?
Heck, I just drove 187 miles one way to do a rezzy job.
The job was on the coast, did the job on Friday and was on the beach working my tan lines Saturday and Sunday…
Tanned relaxed and ready to hit it Agian

[MENTION=3025]pagliachi[/MENTION]… A little to much info "was on the beach [I]working my tan lines[/I] Saturday and Sunday…LOL

I have driven way out of my service area 4 hour one way to do a luxury home,[B][I] If the client is the right type of client that fits into my business plan sky’s the limit[/I][/B].

Don’t worry about a 40,000 population, I’m from an area with population of less then 25K, and now I’m making a great living and enjoying everyday, Just keep your name out there and do High Quality Work & do what you say you’ll do and you will be fine.

[MENTION=6741]wcs[/MENTION] to much info
To much jealousy??
If we ever meet you will get the joke

Too late. I’ve been the “go to guy” here for 22 years.

It’s never too late.
Then ya got a foot in the door already.
Use your "go to guy-ness"
As part of your business building plan and ya will be doing fine

It’s too late for the new guy to be the go-to guy here. Hutchinson, KS already has that role filled, since 1991. :cool: That was my point.

But your words of encouragement to him are kind. If he provides a good service I’m sure he can find some work, hopefully without charging typical beginner’s low-ball prices, “just to get the work”.

My bad!!!
Didn’t have my yaba matte yet when I miss read that this morning!!!
We’ll call him the " Go to guy To go to when the go to guy is too busy to go to" guy…

LOL!!! :cool:

[MENTION=5875]Tony C[/MENTION] What was it that guy said in Denver when he tried to break in the market in Hutchinson… Oh yeah “Tony had it on lock-down!” So he moved to AZ. :smiley:

Can’t believe that there is a city with a population of 40k in Kansas. :wink:

You need to get out more then. :wink:

Believe it or not, there is more to the world than just New York, New Jersey & California.