New Business

[COLOR=#333333] I have finally completed the purchase of my new business. I am now the owner of LogoMotive Promotions Inc… We provide screen printing, embroidery and promotional products. I would be happy to assist everyone on the forum with their screen printing needs. We offer a full line of apparel of t shirts, sweat shirts, jackets, hats. Pretty much anything you may need clothing or promotional items. For marketing your business.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]I will be offering monthly specials on contractor apparel. This months special is 20 long sleeve Gildan tee shirts. With a one color print on front and back for $298.00 including shipping.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=#333333]Like us on Facebook to keep updated on our current promotions [/COLOR]…58171214218538

[COLOR=#333333]Visit us on the web at [/COLOR]contractor shirts


Congrats and best wishes on your new venture. I have a friend who owns a similar company in Westchester and they do very, very well. They have become the goto business for all of the local PD’s, FD’s, hospital you name it public service organization.

Good for you Clark. Are you still doing pressure washing?

Thanks, yes I’m still doing pressure washing.

That’s a real good price. So it’s not embroidering?

Dan, that price is for screen printing. We also do embroidery.

Here is a link to pictures of some of our projects. LogoMotive Promotions has been in business for over 15 years.
LogoMotive Promotions - Albany, NY - Screen Printing/Embroidery - Photos | Facebook

Hello All!

I had the pleasure of visiting Clark’s new business and I was extremely impressed with not only the layout of the physical location but, the staff that is needed to handle all of the equipment there. My only gripe is that Clark didn’t ask me if I wanted the help with the big expedited order that was going out the next day…

Clark, if you read this post. Please know that I will be placing a small order simply because I’m a sole proprietor.

Thanks Stuart, and you know you were to busy talking power washing. It was good to have you in town for the day.

Check out our weekend special 20 short sleeve white, or heather t shirts printed 2 locations 1 color for $189.00 including shipping.

details at

LogoMotive Promotions - Albany, NY - Screen Printing/Embroidery | Facebook

Congrats Clark…

I will be in touch soon we need new WCR and ACWC shirts…

Good luck on the new venture…

thanks Chris looking forward to hearing from you.

Still a few hours left to take advantage of our 20 shirts for $189.00 checkout our Facebook page.

Hey Clark. First off congrats! I posted on PWRA’s forum too.

How many other business owners in this industry have other business ventures??
Such as Chris, with ACWC and WCR.

I for one do have another business venture. Clear Vision is my cash cow but it
has also allowed me to have another business venture.

Multiple streams of income is a good thing!! DIVERSIFY!

Ohh and Clark. I am interested in taking you up on your offer! What do I need to
get to you to get the ball rolling?? Please PM or email me.

Thanks, Kyle I will call you today on the shirt order.