New clampless Simpole

We have a new clamp less 50ft cf pole. 6 foot sections that can be used as a modular or telescopic pole. The weight is under 5lbs The great thing about this pole is it is multifuntional. Can be used a a window cleaning pole or wfp I have been testing the pole for 2 week now and it is awesome. The weight is so light you will have to feel to believe it.

// YouTube

6 times…um…


six times ??? Not sure what you are referring to


Seriously thought someone was going to be electrocuted.

Be careful out there.

:eek: I’m with Shawn…

For the benefit of some of the new members to the forum, or those who may not know:

Carbon fiber (as does aluminum, and fiber glass if it’s wet) conducts electricity! Be extremely careful with any WFP when working around power lines. It may appear as if you can control it and steer it away from the power lines, but don’t risk it. Among other factors, a gust of wind could blow the pole towards the power line.

About the new Simpole, it looks as if it telecopes opposite of the gardiner super-lite. How do you keep it from collapsing while working?

I think he said you might have to use tape, but i would be worried about the pole collapsing while i was cleaning a 3rd or 4th story window.

very scary pole, but looks pretty neat.

i loved that video :slight_smile: scarey or what !

You pull each section tight and it will not slip. We have a rubber cap on the end to stop it when loading and unloading. Unlike SL-2 all sections fit inside each other.

I just hope that, like the SL-2, its appropriate for window cleaning. :smiley:

I think this is the same type of pole Jeff Brimble put me on to using 2/3 years ago. There is a way of stopping it slipping. Interestlingly enough the first 2 sections of it have fused.

It will only be a matter of time before the first wfp’er will be electrocuted. The WC federation UK stipulate 5 metres (around 16/17 feet) from working within an electrical source, although height of pole is not taken into consideration (which it should do).

Though I give you a new Clip on the Clamp Less SimPole
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Please only do this with the SimPole

Great video!

We don’t sell this type of sectional clamp less yet.
Did not work for us and I refuse to sell something
I can’t wash windows with myself.

Wish I’d never had said this now.