New co New Florida windows only company with questions and opportunities

Been preparing for start up by reading the forums etc for a few months. The only former building materials salesman and construction manager. Wife had cleaning biz in Ohio doing high end residential new construction. I want to do windows only and not compete on other side work. We will be licensed to do residential and commercial up to three story. One idea is to see if any northern guys come to Florida for winter work. It may be a great win win. The license is for all of Florida and I could gain knowledge from a mentor. Thinking of starting with one or two local workers, and use poles more than ladder. I like gg4 and Unger ninja tools so far. All comments and advise are appreciated. I am more of the business development guy and will need to rely on some “get the job done” guys. I thanks


What Chris said!

Welcome aboard!!

Welcome, If you run into anything over three stories contact me. In Vero you have a great market for high end residential. Question: What kind of license do you have?

Sorry about those typos. I will let you know about the “over three story” opps. I mis spoke. Just county and city licenses. Work comp and my insurance covers all fl. I have used a former connection to get great wc rates through largest employee leasing firm in fl. Typing on nexus 7 is challenging…