New computer

I had to get anew computer this yesterday. I had some electrical problems at my place earlier this week and after all that was straightened out the tower on the computer was the only thing that wouldn’t turn back on. I just figured it was 6 years and time to upgrade. I love the new system and my very visible flat screen monitor. Anyone else have to upgrade recently?

What OS do you now have?

I recently upgraded to a Blackberry 8830. I was using a Treo 700p. Biggest POS ever! Since February I went through 7 Treo’s. Too many problems to list. I love my new Blackberry! Although this week Verizon will be carrying the Blackberry Pearl which has a camera and video. That’s the only thing I miss about the Treo. I might just have to switch. Anyone in the market for a Blackberry 8830 from Verizon?:slight_smile:

Microsoft Vista. It meant getting a new printer because the old one wouldn’t work w/ that OS.

[COLOR=Blue]Man, I’m a chicken when it comes to upgrading things. Right now everything is smooth and I hate the thought of causing software conflicts. I’m going to hold out as long as possible.[/COLOR]

Wife an I upgrade every two years or so. In fact walmart is advertising a $350.00 acer laptop. I’m sure not the best, but it’s a laptop that I can bring in the truck.

I saw that laptop and thought it was a decent looking system. Probably a spring purchase!

My girlfriend is a IT professional so we have allot of computers around the house. I also have a bunch of computers at work. But the one i use the most is my Apple Mac Book. I love it. For work ill probably always have to buy PC’s but Ill probably never buy another one for myself. The Mac book is that great.