New Coupon / $5.50 Per Window / Glass Inside and Out

Right now I’m doing the “20 windows inside and out, frames, sills and screens for 169”. I’m thinking about doing another ad for “$5.50 Per Window, Glass Cleaned Inside and Out”. Then if they want frames, sills or screens cleaned I will just add to the price per window. Any of you guys have success with this type of ad before?

I would go backwards if I worked that cheap (In the RED). Im not sure about yur area tho.

I was kinda thinkin the same thing. Those windows had better be first floor, in the face, no bushes 2 climb over, no grand pianos 2 be moved, no paint/stain removal, casements.

I do a 20 window inside/out for $169.99, that includes a wipe down of frames, sills and screens and that’s actually high for this area. I just can’t talk myself into doing it for less though. I’m doing a house tomorrow that was paying their old window cleaning company $139 for the same package.

This is my first year. I have tried a lot of your guys’ pricing at over 12 bucks a window and I simply did not get a lot of the jobs. Most people thought it was very high and therefore got other bids that were lower. I wouldn’t think that my area would be too different from a lot of areas but I could be wrong. Therefore I came very close to having days where I didn’t have any work at all. I would rather have more work, even though it may be priced a little cheaper, than have no work and not make anything. When I get more of a client base established I can price my services higher.

Here is my thought process on the mailer. The 5.50 per window is for GLASS ONLY, maybe I’ll make it 6 per window. Which should take quite a bit less time than doing glass, wiping down frames, wiping down sills and tracks and cleaning screens. I’m obviously thinking that quite a bit more people will call with this pricing. If they want more done, I add a couple dollars per window for frames, a couple more for screens, you get the picture. I may actually do 2 offers/coupons on the same mailer. Maybe a glass only offer of $5.50 per window, and the second offer including glass, frames, sills and screens for 9.75 per window. Or something like that.

I think it will cater to a wider audience. If people want their windows cleaned, but can’t afford 10 bucks a window, they can get the glass cleaned at least for 6 bucks a window.

The only problem I could see with something like this is that I could see you going to a house and just cleaning their front windows or something. You know what I mean, call you there to clean 6 windows.

I’d likely put a minimum on the window count, such as, only on xx windows or more

Kevin is here maybe he can help ya out.

I hear ya man. You gotta do what you gotta do. There is a huge difference of 12 a window to 5 and a half. 12 is pretty high, and you can actually get more depending on how you market and present it. First things first tho…youre hungry and need the work. Take desperation out of your mind. Once you start low, you can never go high. These clients that you get with this offer will not be customers you will keep in a year or 2 because you will have so many more that require your time and attention and they are higher paying…you will end up dumping these customers or loosing them because you will need to raise the price.

That is not a very big deal if you are just trying to get the work RIGHT NOW to get the bills payed. If you can hold out tho, why don’t you try lowering your price by a couple bucks and see where that brings you?

Kurt, are you talking about double-hungs or just single panels like casements when you mention the prices?

I think I’m going to try 5.95 per window for GLASS ONLY and 8.95 per window for glass, frames, sills and screens for the summer since it will be slower. I completely understand the marketing side of this and trying to get higher prices. I don’t care how good your marketing is, it’s window cleaning, if your prices are too high, people are going to look elsewhere. Well, some will, some won’t. At this point in time, getting 2 out of 5 bids is not ideal for me. I will raise my prices after I see how this goes.

Also, to Simply Glass, I’ve read before that you don’t get most of the bids that you give because your prices are high. You may wind up making more money by lowering your prices a little and getting more work. How can you go in the red by getting more work. Hire more employees if you need to. I’m not saying drop your prices to what I’m asking, but maybe just a little so you close more of your sales. Also, I don’t necessarily give every customer the same price. If I have to tweak the price a little or give them free track cleaning to seal the deal, I do. It’s worked out great for me so far. I’m keeping 2 employees busy with work my first year and I’m making more money than I was as an engineer so I must be doing something right. The great thing is I don’t even have to pull a squeegee. I just sit behind my desk and figure out how to make more money.

Sounds like you’re doing better than I am. Could you update this post with the results?

Sure will Tory.

So you think people will look at the ad and walk around counting windows and try to
figure out how much it will cost?

Most will pass if all the info is there. Asking them to do the leg work will seriously
decrease response.

Don’t make them work for it. You need them FAR more than they need you.

Just a thought

Good criticism Paul. I figure if I tell them 20 windows for 200, or whatever, they will still run around counting windows so it’s the same deal really. What do you suggest?

Pray that customer doesn’t have true divided 12 over 12s

Does the offer need to be $?

I charge $2.95 per pane per side. That’s $5.90 per actual pane interior/exterior. $11.80 per window. I charge this on EVERY PANE of glass. Whether itr’s a small bathroom window or a slider door. The only time I alter that is if the pane is larger than a patio door pane then I will charge as if it were 2 panes per side.

I am sure I am by far the most expensive guy here in Southern California, but I close EVERY customer. You have to SALE them, no allow THEM to sale YOU!

What’s great is the referrals from the Satisfied clients.

This is my first year too, (five months + 6 days in) and I’ve been charging fair market value (about double what you charge, but screens, sills and trackings included) with no problem. Booked solid every week.

Yes, I have lost a handful of bids because of my pricing, maybe 5-10% of total estimates, but I’m totally ok with that. I know those dates will get filled by customers willing to pay a premium for quality service. You have to remember, residential window cleaning is a luxury service, and it is real work, and should be charged accordingly.

Don’t short-sell yourself, or you’ll be kicking yourself next season when the jobs you did for dirt cheap call back for another cleaning at that price.