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Guy’s I have some questions? I have just purchased The starter DI systems and I am excited about using it. So far the people at the water department say we have low readings. I have not seen these reading yet, but I will find out soon when my meter arrives. Also I have planned to use this DI system on some buildings like the ones in these pictures that I’m going to post with this thread. I am currently getting up close and personal with theses buildings using ladders and reach poles. Man I am getting tired. I just work by myself and these building are wearing me out. As a matter of fact my window wash business is supposedly part time. But business is good. Anyway will the starter system with a modified brush, be ok for the buildings that I have posted pictures with?
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Those buildings look pretty good for wfp work, I would buy the hogs hair brush though.

I have tried all the brushes except for the ionics one, and the boars hair( is the best brush on the market right now. it will even remove shotgun fungus.

This John right?

The starter kit that you could should do pretty good on these buildings. One thing that concerns me is height. Some of those buildings look like they may be a bit out of reach for the 18’ pole that it comes with it.

The brush on the ionic pole you got is pretty decent, its a nylon material. The Boars Hair Doug mentioned we a have available here.

The boars hair will definitely be better than the nylon brush… But you may not need it right away if the glass has been maintained over the years. Feel free to post away or give us a call if yo have any questions…

Good luck and welcome to the world of pure water cleaning.

Wow. You must have quite a collection of brushes. The red bristle Vikan brush is my favorite as of late. What do you think of that one Doug? I’m wondering how it compares to the yellow bristle residential brush that Shawn sells?

I have never been successful removing shotgun fungus off of glass except for using a scraper. What am I doing wrong? Are you successful
removing it off of siding using your boar’s hair brush too?

How cool is that – I’ve always been told that scraping is required.

I believe Shawn mentioned he was removing shotgun fungus with the new RHG hot water machine.Im not doubting it cant be removed (in some cases) with a good brush. I too have had literally no success w/o scraping.

I have the RHG hogger,2 red Vikans, a yellow resi brush ( very soft) along with 2 Salmon brushes i got from him for my X-tel poles.

Not to mention 2 tuckers 1 with a DT (double trim) the other the “Pimp” special full trim shaved down to 1 3/4":wink:

Which are your favourite brushes Craig? Do you find you use a certain one on hydrophobic glass or a different one on a first clean?

They all serve there purpose in one facet or another.I really like the Salmon brushes for wind wall glass,as they are a bit more aggressive. The red Vikans are excellent too i have those fitted with pencil jets only same with my RHG hogger.

The yellow resi brush is super soft but…excellent for maintenance cleans. Although there are many “Tucker Haters” amongst us they make a damn good brush believe it or not.

The Salmon’s are smaller 9 to10" oval but…i have both double jetted pencil/fan i love those bad boys!

Yeah - I’m a Salmon fan. The guy that brought them to us has always argued that the Vikan was not fit for purpose. The argument is why have so many wc’s got 'em then? Well, the answer to that, is that they don’t know any different.

You are correct. I am using a 27’ ettore telescoping pole with a 22" backflip. Also if I have a subborn stain I throw the ladder to get up there to it. The first time I cleaned those buildings in particular I had to climb the ladder on every one. Man that took a while. Anyway I clean those building twice a year and I have several more like them. I am really fortuate to have such good accounts and property mangers to work with.

my first brush was the red bristle brush, in my climate it sucked, then i bought the yellow brush, it worked better, but it only worked on maintenance cleans, being the bristles were too soft, so i use the hoggs hair brush on all of my poles.
and yes it does remove shotgun fungus…

Today I got to use my DI water system for the first time. I got a cup of water, put my meter in the water and got a reading of 85 ppm. That was the water from the tap at my house. The DI system gave a reading of 000 ppm. I washed my window at home. The first time I ever washed my windows back when i started window cleaning took me around 3.5 to 4hours. Today with the DI system it took me a whopping 30 minutes. This thing rocks!!! I also made a few adjustments. I put a gated wye valve on it. I modified a brushe and bought some tubing and fittings and made a makeshift 27’ pole. I got to use that as well today just to get the hang of this Pure water window cleaning thing. My jack leg pole worked pretty good too. I just thought I would share this with you guy’s. I was pretty excited about this.
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Im glad you like it… I hope it makes you lots of $… Should last a bit if your incoming water is only 85ppm…

Whats the pole on the left TTS?
Thats a long first section!

Looks like a converted Ettore Pole to me.

Certainly by the colour, but the length of the section seems to long. Is it a Tucker pole?

Thats definitely an ettore pole…

Yes it is a 27’ Ettore three section aluminum reach pole. Loottttts of flex but it will do for now until I can raise funds for a carbon fiber pole. I plan on going ahead and buying a pole that will be able to reach 5 stories when the funds become available. It would be nice to have a pole like the 88 footer that the guy in the UK was using. That thing looked like a beast!
The brush is a car wash brush that I had laying on the shelf in my shed. I drilled it, cleaned away some of the brissels and attached the 1/4" hose with fittings. I added the gated wye so I could switch off using the 18’ IONIC pole and my 27’ made in the back yard pole. My windows are spotless with the exception of one. That is all operator error for that window to be streaky when the rest are perfect. I am excited about this. I have a hand truck that I am going to mount my DI cylinder to and have some hoses hanging off of it as well. I am contemplating in the future to outfit my trailer or try to save up for an enclosed trailer to store my stuff in. Also may look at the possibility of tanking in my own water at some time or another. I don’t know? The possibilities are endless. I appreciate the comments and the information that everyone passes on to each other.

Reach Higher Ground sells a water pressure regulator:

I gated the valve back at the spigot to get 40 psi. I have not seen any pressures any greater than 45 psi. at any of my job sites. Do I still need to get a regulator for that? Anyway I have also added a sediment filter and a 5 micron carbon filter as well in front of my DI tank. I used it so far for 10 hours and have not seen the TDS exceed 1 ppm.