New Double Pouch Setup from Ettore

I really like the double pouch set up, front and back, that Mark Henderson wears in his storefront window cleaning videos. Well looks like Ettore has stepped up and made a two pouch belt for the folks this side of the pond.

Anybody have one?


Come to think of it PolznBladz uses a front and back pouch system of working as well. Must be a U.K. Thing. Large Unger up front and something smaller on the back for him.

Business in the front and party in the back?


Not sure what you’re talking about? :grin:

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@Alex are these going to be in store?

Thanks for sharing @BostonMike Mike!

Moerman has a pouch I also like

Unger big pouch up front and the little Moerman out back something like PolznBladz

Right here @wcs

Thanks Alex, how about the ettore pouchs?

Have you guys made any product videos on these new pouches? I’m wondering how big they are compared to the Ettore original pouch and the big Unger pouch?

So I looked around the internet and found out that the Moerman pouch is 12x11 and the really big Unger pouch is 12x14 so the Moerman pouch is a good size. The old Ettore pouch is smaller 9x10. Kinda too small for my liking. So the Moerman pouch is in between … perhaps just right.

WCR has some nice pouch videos for Unger and Ettore but not the new pouches yet.


Found it


Also the Unger pouch
The really big one
comes in black now


I prefer to use two of the smaller Ettore pouches on an Ettore belt. It’s enough for hucks, blade, wool, 5 in-one, and phone if need be. The Ettore belt sold by itself also has a loop for towels and seems more sturdy than the one in this discussion.

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Are they positioned on your sides, front and back? Why?

I’m a right hander and I like my hip bucket on the left in front of the towel loop that’s on the left side. Tool handles facing towards my right hand. The two pouches are on the right. The one with my blade, towels, wool, and 5 in-one or cell phone if need be, placed in front on the right. The small pocket in front is ideal for those random tools I use all the time. The second pouch is on my right side and is used for extra hucks. I’m just so used to it being setup like that. I don’t have to think about where anything is I just go from one tool to the other.