New employee break-in period

I remember talking with a fellow window cleaner a while back about how long a “new guy” should be trained before being sent out on his own. To me, this raises an interesting topic. I’m curious to know what others think.
My history; I worked for 2 different companies before setting out on my own. With the first company, it was common to work tandem 90 percent of the time. (I believe tandem teams is the safer way to go) Not until a few years did I start doing work solo. Thats just how the company was structured. The second company had a training period of 2 weeks for the guys with no experience. A new guy was to learn how to clean windows, clean gutters, use ladders properly and safely, walk on roofs, learn to use rope and harnesses & repelling and more. To me, 2 weeks wasnt enough. Often times, I had to go back to sites and clean up the mess the new made. Not really his/her fault it was just the lack of experience.
When I decide to employ, I plan on a rigorous training period.
For those who have employees, what is your training like?

Is this for Residential or commercial work?

Mainly residential.
Doesnt matter. Whatever you want to write about :slight_smile:

After the interview, background check, paperwork signing, videos (sexual harassment, ladder safety and fab debris) and drug test we train. We train in house for 2 full days.
First teaching the basics on ground floor windows for almost 1 full day. The next day the trainees go inside the office and learn how to work in our office. A very busy environment. They have to learn to be quiet, clean and fast. While producing quality results. Also in the second day they get hands on ladder training.
We are in a two story building (house like set up). We’re lucky we have such an ideal set up for training employees.

Commercial is a different story. Typically the employee has been working for us for a few months and has a solid knowledge of window cleaning. The trainee runs with one of our elite commercial window cleaners for a month or more. Learning most of the routs and most some of the stops. We have found that it is best to keep the trainee with our best commercial window cleaners for a long as possible. Hopefully they pick up all of the good habits and get to know the stops.
We to our best to have our guys do the same routs over and over again. Its good for the employee because they always know what they are up against for the day and its nice for the shop owner to have a familiar face every week.


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Training periods are different for everybody. Most time I feel comfortable at around 6 months.

I remeber “way” back in the day, I was trained in by a company for two weeks it was $20.00 a day, lunch and a percentage of what ever the trainer thought you were worth for the day.