New Flier - Beta - Input

Here is a flier I’ll be hanging up locally.

Sorry for Ganking your ideas chris, they are just so… SWEET!

PS These are all made from scratch!

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It looks great the only thing i might change is the number of pull offs to 10 instead of 15. the reason is with 15 it makes them a lot smaller and easier to loss

Good Idea- Ill prob do that

I like it. Why not uncheck the boxes as if the customer has a long list of things to do and at the bottom say some like, Do you have a list of things that need to be done. Let bla bla that care of that for you while…

Maybe get rid of the pull offs all together and pass it out as a flyer.

X what I said before I half ass looked at it. Now I understand. I like it for what it is. Great job

I think it’s Brilliant. I wish I had thought of it myself.

Mr Window What program did you use to create your flier.
Looks great by the way.

Adobe Photoshop

It’s one of the better ‘Guerrilla’ type ads I have seen
someone do EXCEPT you gave them no reason to call.

People are lazy and distracted. Give them a deal or
something to keep their interest.

Sadly 90% of those tiny tabs are lost before they
are used. But the ROI on 10% would be killer :smiley:


<a href=“”><img src=“” border=“0”></a> <br><br><br>

That’s better :smiley:

I’ve seen people use a small pocket for business cards instead of the tear off tabs. Then you can maybe print less of the flyers since you only have to replace the cards not the whole page. You could also laminate it so it will last longer and not get that ratty look of something that has been on a bulletin board for too long. You could also code the business cards so you can track which location is working the best.

I’m Going to use that! good ideas man!

Great ideas Hunter!

My question is where are you guys hanging these up at?? IMO I think that flyer would work a lot better being passed out. Am I missing somethng with the whole tear off thing?

Coffee shops and supermarkets are the two places I most commonly see these types of things.

It will take no more than 34.5 seconds to remove the tear offs in photoshop and BAM - you have gotten yourself a handout flier!

2 Birds one stone!

‘Tear-offs’ are an age old technique that has no real cost

I am all for having a little stack of these things in the
hoopdy just in case I find a spot to stick one. Why not?

I remember getting called by the damned yellow pages
guys all the time. :mad:

“I saw your ad at the coffee shop”…

Good job.