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I’ve never done fliers on a large scale but I was thinking I should start. So i made up this flier really quick. What I’m asking is: Does the flier contain enough information? What is the best way to print them for the least expensive way? How should I tackle the distribution? :confused: All the help is appreciated.

im a window cleaner in the north valley also . new look window cleaning 623.206.3860 . i have a good flyer distributor if you ever need one. flier looks real good!

I think it’s okay, and certainly much better than 80% of your competition.

The flyer contains a lot of information, but its not really the best kind of information.

You need to re-write it from the clients standpoint, and ask yourself : “What does this mean to me, and why should I care?”

That will help you make it more effective as a marketing tool.

Here are a few more quick suggestions:

[INDENT]Focus on benefits, not simply features
Provide a limited-time deadline to a solid offer
Create a compelling headline
Incorporate some specific calls to action
Use a benefit-oriented image
Build some tracking devices into it
Move your company info to the bottom


P.S. [B]Here’s a flyer design[/B] to maybe help you understand what I mean a little bit better

Hope that helps

That is a pretty nice flyer you got.
So first i need to create an eye catcher and incorporate something my customers will value but it doesnt have to do anything with the windows.
then include some information which will help gain the trust.
but i was thinking if i’m handing out fliers to people, most of the population doesn’t clean windows because either they dont care or they think it costs a lot or they don’t know about window cleaners. (they dont have enough info about the service, half of the people asked me if i clean screens)
so i have to try to approach all the groups of customers in one flier.
i noticed panelessperfection you tried to focus on people who don’t trust strangers in their house. and people who like free food, which is everybody lol by offering a $50 certificate, which is a lot.(how were you able to do that?) and you show safety by presenting that you have insurance , and you included few testimonials, i’m not sure if anybody trusts testimonials on a piece of paper or not. But it seems like you aim at a richer class.
i would rather focus on a middle class or upper middle class, show how getting your windows cleaned doesn’t have to be a hassle , just a simple service, be on time do the job right, call with a follow up, call in a few months for next service. maybe also include something like “i can provide references” instead of writing out testimonials. I just want the customer to see it as a simple taks which is done with the least involvement of the customer.
i’m not sure what i just wrote was on the point, i was just kind of brainstorming :slight_smile:

I enjoyed listening…


Once the job is done, and they’ve paid us, they get the $50 gift certificate.

And I only offered it for people who get the complete Interior & Exterior Window Cleaning Service (minimum payment of $300)

Kevin, need approval for the window cleaning mentor website :slight_smile:

Thanks buddy



I see you like to mess with graphics with the little phone, baby, umbrella and a picture of a house that appears to be on the ocean. (most your customers on the beach?)

I really do not think any of these enhancements will help your endeavor. I think it is far too distracting. I believe it will lower the response.

Your offer I guess is the “Free basic track and sill cleaning”? I am guessing so as you give absolutely no reason to call. If it is your offer give it value and stand it out

[B]FREE track and sill cleaning ($30 value)[/B]

What is a 7 day rain check? I am not asking to be a smart azz I really do not know. If I don’t know will they?

To tell them because you are so affordable they can pay you more often is a little self serving and a response killer.

Don’t waste all that space sending them to a site to look into your company.

Clean things up and draw attention using bullets:

We Clean:
[]Windows In/Out
[]Window Frames
]Window Sills and Tracks

Why is your name and contact at the top? The top is where you hook them or lose them. Clean Window AZ don’t cut it, put that at the bottom.

Like Kevin mentioned you need to add some benefits to using your service and even more importantly a reason to call and why they need to call now (offer and expiration date)

just some thoughts…

Did you sign up through paypal? Sorry, I don’t have any record of you doing that…please let me know if I’m missing something here…

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What they said. Also the words need to spaced out more, they are stacked to tightly now.
Give them a “good” reason to call you. Like a soon to expire offer.

Cfp, thanks for helpful tips.

none of my customers are on the beach but i figured everybody likes bright nice looking interior. and the other grapics were just to grab some attention

i thought rain check was something like it rains and if it messes up the windows up to 7 days after it rains i’ll come up and wash spotted windows for free.

i had a customer the other day, because of the “cleaning more often” i’ve posted in a ad somewhere on the web so i thought it worked
when i talked to the customer, she said she will have me more often because of the good reviews.

that are all pretty good tips, i just need to find a way to incorporate them

Here is my new flier. I’ve put some of both Kevin and Paul’s suggestions into this one. Hopefully it will do well. There’s a front and a back, something I’ve never done with a flier.

Also, the triangle next to the large squeegee is cut out, to make a clear opening in the flier. These are meant to be 4.25 by 5.5 so you get two fliers per a sheet of paper. The background seems somewhat lacking, but these are printed on a recycled cardstock, which has an interesting background in itself.

Nice job Micah.

sorry I had to chuckle about the ocean front property when I saw that he was in Arizona…:smiley:

Yea the picture of the ocean is nice but you seriously need to target your demo…but you have some good marketing minds giving you advice. I’ve implemented a lot of what Kevin has in his book.

How has that gone for you? Do you still offer it? That could get to be a lot of fixing up especially if a whole weeks worth of customers call at once to get their windows fixed up. I thought about doing something like that once, but if you got four of five crews doing three houses a day for a week…well you can see the mess you can get into.:eek:

Very unlikely he would get any calls after only a week

Rain does not dirty windows, rain that lands on pollen and dust/dirt is what causes problems. I have never re-cleaned a window because of rain.

I don’t have a “rain” guarantee, I have a 30 day total guarantee that covers everything! Guess what- NEVER have I received a call… then again I have only been offering it for a few years :wink:

Few times I actually had to go back and fix the windows, but it was quick and it made my customers happy. In arizona there is just a lot of dust in the air so when the rain comes down it catches all the dust. so if it rains once for 5 minutes its probably no big deal but lately we been having pretty good showers. 30 day total guarantee thats pretty brave. maybe you don’t tell people, I probably know some people who would abuse that lol