New Fliers, Mailers, Door Hangers and More!

New marketing packets are being added to the WCRA almost everyday as we approach spring. The new marketing packets provide you with a simple way to download branded marketing materials all at once. You can check them out here. … Continue reading →


Is there a way to download these without photoshop? My computer keeps telling me it cannot complete the download (or even start it)

When you’re downloading it does it give you a choice to change the file type just before you save? If you have the option it should be below the file name, but above the “SAVE” icon. This might help.

FYI, this year I am having a phenomenal response to the postcards I’ve put together using WCRA resources and at cost printing. I’ve booked almost $3k from my last mailing of 2500 pieces. At first, direct mail EDDM was intimidating, but the local Post Office folks have been very helpful and actually like to hear about the jobs I get from the post cards. I put this right up there with Google rankings in terms of importance to my business.