New Flyer What do you think?

Made this up with a little help from someone. Tell me what you think.

Looks great…attention grabber

I like it. I would talk a little more about them. Maybe how there’s a time saving factor. More time w/ the family - that kind of stuff. Nicely done though!

There’s some good stuff on there, Justin.


Well that flier looks familiar :wink:

I am not sure about the 200,000 ladder accidents angle. You are basing the success of this ad exclusively on that headline. If they do not clean windows with a ladder or have another window cleaner, or they do not fear ladders… you have removed every one of them from the ad.

Don’t start the paragraph with “you can transform…” they are not going to do anything that is why they are hiring you.

I would remove the background graphics from the “service includes” as it is kinda washed out.

one more thing… TELL THEM TO CALL NOW! :slight_smile:

How about this?Carolina Clean Flyer 4.pdf (321 KB)

And another. Witch one looks better.Carolina Clean Flyer 5.pdf (335 KB)

the part about not paying kind of makes me nervous, I’ve had some people that what ever we did were not happy. but over all (thums up)

It’s all about clear and concise communication of services and understanding the customer’s expectations.

I’ll bet that the marketing gurus here know that a money-back guarantee is a valuable tool rather than a producer of nervousness.

I have never had it happen nor heard of it happening.

I have only been offering a money back guarantee for 7 years…

I can honestly say that I have never heard this phrase before, Larry.

I like it. :slight_smile:

i like it alot … however do you plan on distributing them to homes that have double flip or single flip… if double flip they wont need to get on a ladder so it might not get there attention… just a thought