New forum for Dange?

I’m putting in a vote for Dange to get his own area here at WCR. Seems to me that he has a talent for shifting through all of these different threads and finding some great ideas and equipment mods that can help us all.

Thanks man. I know you give credit where it’s due for all these ideas you find, but it’s nice for someone to give it a try and make a video of it.


Dange and I are in negotiation now for a video series… :slight_smile:

Hes putting out some stuff that needs homepage attention…

Hey Sam,

Thanks for your build up of the lowly cleaner… One place I don’t add to is the marketing part of this forum. That’s one reason I’m here to gather all the free information I can…I’m a tight sucker…But I do like sharing what I do know.

Take care Sam…Oh ,thought you did a great testy !

hey Mr. Forum…

That we are, I’ll give you a call tomorrow with an idea and we can talk about your standards ! Thanks for the boost Chris !

Your friend / Dangerous Dange

PS …I have a mentor here and it’s been Mark the BeautifulView in videos

For sure, we always consider Mark from Tool Talk our “flagship show”

We have a new one also on WFP’s should be hitting in a week or so.