New FREE Window Cleaning Connect Tools launched today!

New Free tools have been added to Hire a Professional Window Cleaner with confidence*|*Window Cleaners Connect

When you log into your account, we have added 3 free downloads for you shown here in the image.

1 review us logo for your website, and one HTML and PSD file thank you email template for you to send to your customers.

They are fully customizable and Free of charge. Thank your customer, and encourage them to leave you a great review at the same time! enjoy

Thanks to Randy for the idea!

I LOVE IT! Thanks Chris and everyone working on this.

Thank You Chris for listening and implementing suggestions. You Rock.

No problem… Have any others?

Hi Chris, I believe that I have a review on Connect. Do you still approve them or may I…somehow. Thanks, Tim

I am holding this one up Tim. Do you know why? Randy

Dope :slight_smile:

Just approved it for you Tim… looks like it slipped through the cracks.

Thanks Chris!

Awesome!! I love it, this is perfect. Thanks Chris and the crew!

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I have 16 comments it says awaiting approval [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION]

Hey [MENTION=1]Chris[/MENTION], it sounds like you are the man to moderate the comments on Connect. Can you moderate the ones on 1st State Window Cleaning? Thanks!

If you have unmoderated comments - Its most likely spam that is just waiting in que - We clear it out at regular intervals… Normal comments are usually checked and approved daily… I will check yours out Steve…


Just approved one for you Steve.

Thank You;)

can customers leave multiple reviews?

be nice if they were able to as not every service is the same, and i would like to “give back” for each and every review, so they see an added bonus to be reviewing the company.

Also, being able to respond to customers review would be good if it’s not already available. (I like to see companies return comments on reviews)

1 review per customer - its just a measure to help prevent spam