New gutter rinse tool for my wfp

I clean gutters by hand on ladders, but when I get to a gutter job that is just packed with mud and there is no way to walk the roof I hate laddering around again to rinse them.
(Time wise) so this will allow you to rinse out any gutters as high as the length of your wfp. I also use A really light crinkled up style hose for the pole so it’s not very heavy to lift. Just thought I would share so it might be of help to someone.


Nice little setup Dean.

looks like an Xhose or similar. an appropriate name as within minutes they are often no longer a hose, they are an expired hose, a hose which has gone to the great beyond…an ex hose.
on the other hand rhino hose will provide the same lightweight with enough strength to pull your truck out of the ditch. pics to follow (from phone)