New guy first post

Howdy. This is my first post, What a great site. I have been lurking for awhile lots of great stuff here, unlike the other board:mad: Bill in GR Michigan

Hey Bill welcome to the team!


Hey Bill!

Hey Bill,
Seen you lurking in the past. Glad you stepped up and introduced yourself.
I encourage everyone who lurks to get involved.
Good to have you here!

welcome Bill nice to have you here

Welcome Bill. Glad you joined the fracas!

Hi Bill :slight_smile:

Welcome and enjoy. Bill did you read the fine print when you joined. After your first post the first round of drinks are on you. When and where shall we all meet . Curios minds want to know. :cool:

welcome! always good to see new faces!

Howdy Bill

Hey Bill, glad you finally posted, lurkers can be creepy.

What about moderators?

What about posters?

What about Mallorcans?

what about the polls?



extra creepy :stuck_out_tongue:

eh… their ok

What about dinosaurs?

Mallorcans are ESPECIaLLY creepy!!

I think it’s those pointy ears…