New guy first post


I do have one spock ear :frowning:

Man Larry that was so insensitive.:stuck_out_tongue:

yeah Larry, that was insensitive. Tell Karlos your sorry.

How pointed? Are we talking balloon popping kinda pointed or ‘can’t wear a hat cause the brim will fall off’ or what?

I have an insecurity here. so I must know.

Hello and welcome

I’m sorry your ears don’t match, Mr. Robinson.

How was that, beeatch :D?

Aloha and welcome aboard.

Its not quite African elephant man, but after councelling, image consultation & victim at birth aftershock it matches the nostrils which can be described as channel tunnel sized whoppers often referred to as binoculars.

I really wanted a video, like the one Phil did :frowning:

Good enough. Next will work on your deep seeded emotional issues!!

Emotion? Whats that then?

He said Howdy…

I thought that was an Okie thing.

Bill glad your here.

Check out the multiple exclamation points – talk about the pot calling the kettle black (notice I avoided the ever-popular people-in-glass-houses cliché.)

You could opt for the individuals that occupy glazed edifices approach!:wink: