New guy here in Utah!

Hello everyone! I’m new to owning my own business, but not quite as new to cleaning windows! I apprenticed under a guy for a while, learned a few tricks of the trade, and decided that working for myself beat working the retail jobs I had been doing for most of my life. So, we moved out of state, and started up from scratch.

My wife and I are pretty far along in the “startup” phase: we have our name, licenses, insurance(s), logos, website, Facebook page, t-shirts, business cards, and door hangers. It’s taken us a lot longer than we had planned, but we are finally ready to start dropping those hangers and business cards off.

The main things that we don’t have yet are waivers (although I really, really don’t plan/want to do construction cleans), and a good idea for quotes. I know the way my old boss did them, and I plan to do them in a similar fashion, but does anyone have any good ideas or links to get me started?


Hello Justin and welcome to the forum!
Here’s a scratch waiver I made, feel free to copy and paste whatever works for you. I need to shrink it to one page. I will try to remember to send you a couple of bid sheets later.

Waiver, Scratches, 1.1.doc (25.5 KB)

Here is one of the bid templates I developed. It is brief but I sent it after doing a site walk with the customer so I had already discussed some of the normal work site considerations.
Template.docx (22.9 KB)

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Thanks for the welcome! And thank you so much for these forms. This is so awesome!

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Welcome to the group!