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hi guys! i’m Jeremiah Johnson, the owner/operator of Under Pressure Exterior Washing and Cleaning. i operate out of South MS and am brand new to the business. over the last couple weeks i have researched and talked to what knowledgeable and experienced people i could find and i have to say that i have become fascinated by the whole process (especially designing and building my rig). i’m really nervous and a bit overwhelmed at how much there is to learn. i have purchased a pressurepro 4000 psi 4.0 gpm with belt driven CAT pump, an 18" surface cleaner, and i have a 275 gal buffer tank that will go on my 5x10 single axel trailer. i plan on doing small work for now as this is just starting out and i have a full time job as a maintenance dept purchasing agent for a paper mill here in Wiggins, MS. i’m waiting on my IBC tote so i can run my plumbing (which i’ll be back asking questions about later this week). like i said before - brand new. but i’m enthusiastic and willing to work and learn. i will be adding a soft wash system to my trailer once i am a little more knowledgeable about the business. i really don’t wanna mess up chemicals and ruin my reputation before i even have one because i tried working beyond my level of understanding. so i hope you guys are well on a monday morning and i hope to see some tips and pointers as well as some do’s and dont’s. i will say that looking through some posts on here, this seems like a very welcoming community of professionals and i’m excited to begin getting to know you all.

thanks in advance guys


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Welcome. Anyone ask you if the Robert Redford movie was named after you? :slight_smile:

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Welcome! That is a great movie @danwagner!

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actually… it was my dad’s favorite movie and he named ME after IT! and yeah - it is a great movie :slight_smile:


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Hello Jeremiah and welcome to the forum!