New guy here's got a question

ive been cleaning windows for a few years now for various different companys and i decided to start my own business this year, i dont make enough to support myself so i still have to work for a few other people.

i have an add in the yellow pages and and it does ok, i tryed direct mail i sent only 300 post cards i got 1 call .

with this my first year and it still window season what would you suggest the best way i advertise with a low budget?


Welcome and we use Door Hangers check out you can make your own and get like 10,000 for about $299.00 - Good Luck

I use a lot of fliers along with a YP ad.

so about how long do you spend per day passing these fliers and door hangers out?

we have passed them out after new residential jobs in certain areas and on weekends.

Hey Santiago

Welcome to the group. Someday s I would pass out almost a thousand fliers. Really anytime I didn’t have work booked I would pass out fliers.

What design did u use? Can u show us?

hey new guy

I was in the same sort of situation last year. I wanted to boost up the residential side of my business.

like others have said i found pretty good success from flyers/doorhangers that i simply printed up at home. Each day i would print out about 100 or so and pass them out the next day. Almost always i would get 1 or 2 calls from the area. it’s a great way for low budget advertising.

i just got back from passing out a stack of flyers. man passing out a thousand flyers is alotta walkin. i mean the way i do it is i jus walk up to the door and slip it under the corner of their door mat is that what you basically do.

i guess im gonna get some more flyers printed up then

i just used my business card and made it into a post card

I would always do it by car and tack them to the mail box post… I will say that isnt really legal and I dont do it anymore. But thats what I did in my heavy flier days…

already trying to get him arrested. AH!

Fliers are always great as has bee said. I am a huge google adwords fan as well.
I use adwords instead of yellow pages, as IMHO yellow pages is pretty much a thing of the past.

It usually takes me (in a residential estate area of semi-d houses) around 6.5 hours per 1000 flyers…if i am busy i get a direct mail company to distribute them for me instead.

I agree with Doug, yellow pages…or “golden pages” over here is a waste of time…you will always see start up companies advertising heavily in the golden pages for the first year, but never renew their big ads as they realise how useless it is after there phone is silent for a year.

So ye golden pages = big NO NO

the yellow pages are so-so here. but yeah, not a great ROI

For the guys in Florida I think that YP should still work somehow.
Lots of old folks over there and not all of them go to the internet to check something up.

I had an ad here for 2 areas but I’m not going to renew since YP brings you a lot of price shoppers, not my target market. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of work from internet but not my website basically, some free listings here and there and that puts your name out and then they go chech your website or just call you.

My 2cents

If your on a tight budget look to your local churches. Many of them will have a news letter or monthly flyer etc. I have yet to run into one that charges over $100 for a business card size ad for 1 year. I get a decent amount of calls from them. Enough that I will be doing it again next year. Also look for local town news papers, larger county or state wide papers will cost more and your ad’s will get lost in the amount of stuff they have in those types of papers. Unless you go big but thats big money. YP? LOL What’s that?
You know that yellow pages reminds me of a conversation I had on another board. The topic was about discounts and one WC was ranting how “MY PRICE IS MY PRICE!! I DON’T DISCOUNT!!” Yet a few days later they were crying how their YP ad was costing them HUGE money and they were in the YP for over 10 years. They were upset when they asked for a DISCOUNT because they were a long standing customer and did not get one lol. So they decided to pull their ad. HUM MAYBE THEY LEARNED SOMETHING?:eek:

That’s so true !
I see people here and in other boards that feels like not going down in price a dime makes them better business person. I’ve been and still in a few boards about WC and PW and seems to be a pattern, some people rather loose a customer than lower their prices. I do it in a case by case basis, and knowing that this is not going to backfire, i.e give a really low price and get tons of calls asking for the same price you gave that customer. I’m getting the idea how to price now, I’ve own this company for around 4 months and my pricing rule was by the pane and that’s it, now I’m getting better at figuring out how long it will take and how complex could it be, that’s called experience. Price accordingly, stay in business and make a profit, but all depends where you are right now in terms of your business.

Just venting, thanks for reading, see you the next session :slight_smile:


and that’s supposed to mean … ?