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Hello to All!!!
I’m new to window cleaning and to this forum. I’ve been looking around here for a while now, and it is Awesome! I had my own lawn and landscape business for several years and sold out 3 years ago(sure wished I had a site like this 15 years ago when I started in the green business!).
I have been doing the old 8-5 for the last 3 years, and it probably goes with out saying, I miss working for myself. My goal is to start out part time and work my way up. I have been learning a lot from previous post about where to start, equipment, software, training, etc… So as you guys recommend I’ll start there and exhaust all these resources before I start bombarding you guys with questions, ;)lol.
I do have one question though… I did Christmas light installations in my L&L business. Do any of you guys offer lighting? And do you think the two business are compatible?

There are quite a few that offer holiday lighting install here.
Works well for them during the slow season
Remember to read the forum but take only what you need

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Yeah there’s a guy here that does lights and windows . Lights in winter and windows the rest if the year . He must be up north. I think he’s [MENTION=33672]liteguy[/MENTION]

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Christmas lighting can be a two man job. But it does help out a lot in the winter!

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I started my business doing Christmas lighting 20 years ago. Has always been a part time deal for me. I added windows a couple years ago and wish i had discoverd windows a long time ago. I live in Alberta, Canada so cold long winters and the Christmas light installation service works well. The fall can be very busy as the 2 seasons (lights and windows) start to overlap. I make about the same money doing lights and windows in terms of average hourly rate. I charge by the foot for lights. I include installation, removal and lights clips in my pricing. Usually the customer only knows the total price when quoting. The 2 services fit very well as the same customers would use both services. I target commercial and mid to high end residential for both services. I think i could turn this into a full time profitable business in the future. If you have any questions feel free to ask!

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Thanks guys, I appreciate all the input…

I know what you mean. Here in the south if the mowing season would run long. We were still mowing while we were hanging lights.

I don’t do any Xmas/Holiday lights, and [B]have no plan to[/B].

But quick question: do the customers pick the arrangements and designs, or do you offer like, "packages?"
And, do you keep stock of lights, rent them, customer provides?

  • I’m totally clueless, and understand if you choose not to answer. Maybe it differentiates you from others.
    Totally understand.

I’m slammed in December, and first half of Jan, so I’m honestly not trying to find a new service.
Just genuinely curious. :slight_smile:

Hi New Guy,

This forum is indeed a community. One of the very best. Cuz it was started by two very positive people. And has nothing but great guys who really want to share.


In general, I actually [B]don’t[/B].
But somehow I still do… sometimes. :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome from all of us at Joseph D. Walters Insurance!

Sometimes the customers have an idea of what they want but usually ask for my opinion as far as where to put the lights or a design. Many of my customers are repeat (just like windows) so we change things around every few years. They pretty much just trust me to make their house look good. I had one customer a few years ago show me a picture of a house on a box of Christmas lights and said make my house look like that. Lol. You can get a custom Christmas light design software from Holidaysoft that will allow you to upload a photo of a house, scale it to size and add all the lights and decorations to the house so the customer can see what it looks like. And tells you the footage for the lights too.

As for the lights i generally dont rent or store the light. I am home based so not really room. But if the price is right… If a customer needs lights I either purchase locally and add a few bucks or I have a supplier of commercial lights in larger volumes for bigger jobs. A little cheaper and better quality. They supply to commercial clients and lots of cities/towns. Plus have everything from lights to pole mounts to animations you name it.

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