New here, looking for advice

Hello all,

I’ve been browsing this forum for some time now and I just got around to registering. I am looking for advice on a good scratch removal system, I have been in the glass industry for about 7 years now, and I remove most of my scratches by hand with cerium oxide, only light ones come off without causing distortion which in many cases is unacceptable. I have seen and heard good things about Glass Renu, but I have also seen lots of people selling their systems, which makes me wonder if they’re not happy with them. I would greatly appreciate your advice and suggestions for on a new system, I would hate to buy something that doesn’t work as advertise and waste my money.

Right now I’m leaning towards the Glass Renu system, if you feel like there is something better out there, please let me know and if you use Glass Renu now, please tell me what you like and don’t like about it.

The system doesn’t necessarily need to be brand new, a used system in good condition and working order would be fine as well.

Thanks in advance.

Hello again,

I have not received any replies yet, but I have received a few private messages. Since I am a new member the spam blocker from this forum will not allow me to reply to the messages until I have at least 10 post.

To those of you who have PM’d me, thanks for the suggestions and I will reply as soon as I am allowed to.

Thanks again.

Sorry I have not used the system and can’t give any personal opinion. I hear that it’s an excellent system and does what it says it will do. I think if you have a need for it or market it right you can make good money. I don’t run into many situations where I would use it and I can’t justify the cost right now. I don’t do much commercial cleaning and just don’t see any scratched glass. Good luck

Thanks for the reply, do you know if is Glass Renu the only system out there people are really using or should I be looking and comparing different options?

Welcome to WCR. My name is Cody and I am the owner of GlassRenu. I haven’t been responding as I am sure you were looking for user opinions and comments. That being said, I want to make sure you have visited our website. Glass Scratch Removal System - GlassRenu. We have a compairison chart (it is several years old) but we put it together after talking with users who switched from other systems to the GlassRenu system. We also used publicly available information on our competitors websites. Really there are 3 other systems out there in the scratch removal world:

  1. Glasweld - They make the GeForce system
  2. GTGlass - They make the Scratch Hog
  3. SRP - They make a system that is called the SRP (AKA NOVUS)

All three of these systems are designed to take out scratches from glass. I started GlassRenu with Rick Evans in 2006 because we needed to remove CCU scratches (Stucco scratches on glass) and all the systems that were on the market were not able to remove the damage without distorting the windows. I would go through these sites, call these guys up and ask them tough questions. Also if you haven’t yet spoken to Cole, you need to give him a call (888-769-0001). Hope this gives you a jumping off point. Let me know if I can be of further assistance.


Zoos, do you have the business already for scratch removal? Are you going to be able to put the system to work? I am a big believer in new tools that make our jobs easier. With a large investment knowing if there is a market for that investment is key. The product may be great but if you won’t make sufficient money, the quality of the product can be a moot point.

As a disclaimer, I have not used the glassrenu system.

Hello Zoos.

I have been in the scratch biz for over 20 years, and I have used or seen most of the scratch equipment out there. Glass-Renu is the way to go if you really want to get started with repairing the tough stuff. It ain’t no magic bullet, you still have to learn how to use it and how to price it. There are other ways to get 'er done, but to save some time by standing on the shoulders of others who have done the dirty work, I say plunk down the green and jump in with both feet. There is alot of scratched glass out there, from graffiti to fabrication debris and other stuff that has not been covered in this forum.
I wish I had found this stuff years ago. Now I go by the places where I fixed scratches before Glass-Renu and I feel embarrassed, and want to rerepair the spots. The staff are nice guys, doing everything they can to help people, and make their fortune. It’s not perfect, but if you spend the time and effort and hustle, you could get your territory sewed up before some other joker tries to move in.

Ok Cody, can I have a commission.

Zoos, Did you end up getting one? I’m looking into buying one as well. I need to watch a few more vids.

But I do have a few questions for the scratch removal veterans.
How much do people charge for this service, is it a per hour rate or based on square footage and type of glass?
What is the average $$ value of the restoration jobs?
How have you obtained the majority of your jobs? Best way to market this service??

Hopefully there are some guys out there making a killing, cause i’d like to add this.