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Hello all.
I just wanted to take a minute and introduce myself. My name is Cameron and I run a small pressure washing company in Destin, FL. It’s on the panhandle. I have recently started to clean windows as an extra added service to my customers. I love the idea of the WFP and am still learning the fanning method. I do get better and faster everytime but still have a long way to go to be considered any good at it. I am also interested in possible high rise work if anyone has some words of wisdom there. The city I live in is a destination beach area with many high rise condos. I am trying to research the OSHA requirements for this. Anyhow… I have been reading this and other forums for a while trying to pick up some tips and avoid the pitfalls of being new at something.

Welcome to the team.

Hi Cameron

The ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Standard covers this topic.


Nearly 6 years ago when I made my move to Colorado we just about tossed a coin to decide between Destin and Denver. Its been a good move for us, but I miss the beach.

Were any letters besides “D” considered?

BTW, Umphrey’s McGee last night was fantastic!

Hey Cameron, Welcome to the peanut gallery. You’ll learn alot here and have fun in the process. Enjoy!


Welcome Cameron! Glad to have you w/ us.:wink:

Hi Cameron.

Can i ask you why do you have a prefrence for high rise?
Is it just because there are alot of high rises where you are located?

From what i have read on this forum, high rise doesn’t pay very well and is a very competitive sector, where large w/c firms pay low money to w’crs/cleaners.

In case you aren’t yet aware, there is a high rise forum section on this site.It doesn’t see too much posts but is very interesting.

welcome there!..this place is a wealth of information and most of the poeple here have been very nice to me. I’m enjoying myself here hope to see you around the threads.

Ixnay on the ishsoap-day!

Welcome to the best Window cleaning forum out there. Kick off your shoes put you’r feet up . And join in. We may make fun of you. Pick on you. And we may even get into some spirited conversations at times. Just remeber , you will learn a lot in here. Some great ppl with a lot of knowledge.

And Larry’s here too! :smiley:
Sorry Larry I couldn’t stop myself.:o

Welcome Cameron.
Love your town man, was there a year ago for the first time and I cannot wait to go again.
Best of luck


I don’t have many expectations when it comes to you, Tony. :stuck_out_tongue:

I try to set the bar pretty low that way any effort seems phenomenal.

Keep ‘em comin’!

Thanks for the welcome guys. Funny when I moved to Desti n a little over 4 years ago I came from Edwards, Colorado. It’s near Vail.

As for the choice to do high rises… I have a rental manager who I clean some townhomes for who also is rental manager for the majority of the units in a 20 story place. She told me if I can figure out how to clean the windows the job is mine. I already know I can get a swing stage to do the job but would likely be able to move faster if I were rapelling. Either way i have the job. I also have the lead on a couple of other high rise jobs in the area. A plus of being friends with real estate agents.