New hose reel available to go with your EZ Pure System

We have a new hose reel for the EZ Pure systems.

The reel will sit on the ground next to your EZ Pure and quick connect to the EZ Pure via the already supplied fittings.

Simply quick connect and now you have 150’ of pure water hose delivering pure water.

Its almost too EZ.

***Can’t get the files to upload, but this is sweet!

Hey Shawn,

Maybe I should have started a new thread, but… As you may know I am currently using just a DI tank with a hose reel mounted in my van with 300’ of 3/8 air hose. So I have to run anywhere from 50’-125’ of garden hose from the bib to the DI tank mounted in the van. If I were to get the EZ Pure Caddy can I just mount it in the van? I thought I’ve heard reference that the EZ Pure Caddy is best placed near the hose bib.

To keep on topic of this thread though… Is this reel going to be sold with the EZ Pure systems or separately? Hose included with the reel, or sold separately?


The EZ Pure can be used on your vehicle in place of the DI tanks or it can be carried up to the house and connected to the hose bib.

The idea behind this lightweight and affordable reel is that you would set this reel down next to the EZ Pure system and it would be your supply hose.


House Bib —> EZ Pure —> EZ Reel —> Pole

Its that EZ!

Can I use this with just my DI tank and no EZ Pure.

House Bid----> DI Tank-----> EZ Reel—> My new and aweome SL-X!

You won’t look at cool, but yeah :slight_smile:

Im working on up grading as we speak.

Awesome! Enjoy that new pole. Thats a sweet one!

I need more details on the hose reel. Where to buy, Price, How much hose it will hold…

Comes with 150’ of hose installed.
Anywhere RHG products are sold.

Can I get it without the hose? Will it hold 200ft of hose?


Dejay I will be in touch tomm it will be in our store first thing, and well work something out with you on the hose… Rin ya first hing

Let us all know. On a side note, I went to the store twice tonight to order, and both times I got an error message saying it directed me to the wrong address?. Do you think this is something wrong with my computer, or was something wrong with the website?

Hey Charlie

We moved servers last week, most likely your computer is looking for the old location via a book mark or cache… Alex will give you a ring today, and take your order as well as give you some quick instructions on “clearing your cache”

This will give any one else experiencing the same problem as Charlie direction on how to do a quick fix.

How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache - wikiHow

Of course you can always call and well help you out as well.

Is there going to be an option to buy without the hose? I already have 200 feet of 3/8 and 200 feet of 1/4 on the way to experiment with.