New indoor product from Pulex

This looks like a great kit. I really like the handle. Pulex Technopad Window Kit | Complete Kits | WCR –

Pads look like the unger speed clean polish pads (which I don’t like) Also seems to be REALLY pricey for what you get in the kit. You could easily screw the Pulex pad holder to another pole tip from the looks of it.

Well if you compare what you get it’s seems more than the competitors. You get more pads a longer pole. And the price is lower than the competitors. And you are right the pads are the same microfiber as the competitors. Maybe in the future they will sale the components individually. That handle looks awesome with swivel pad holder. It would make a great replacement for the fixi clamp. Detailing on a pole.


It would not be my choice for detailing. The pad s far too wide. I fold my hucks so they are about 1" wide sticking out of the mouth on the fixi. I sometimes use it on end to make it more narrow.
I like the aluminum fixi MUCH better than the plastic ones. The plastic ones don’t hold towels worth a hoot.