New Insurance Rates!

I dont know if you all know this already, but all the insurance providers are hiking up the rates…my guy told me it was because people are filing alot of claims…anyhow, I use Safeco and only payed 430.00 for 1m liability good till July, but am told that it will be TRIPLE this year because before we were able to fit into the catergory of Janitorial services. Now Window Cleaning has its OWN catergory which means that it will be VERY EXPENSIVE! My guy’s name is Dave Darnell. He gets the absolute best rates around too. His phone number is 619.388.2060 just hit the 0 button and ask for Dave and tell him I sent ya…

I just renewed my insurance, and had no problems, right around the $430 for the year.

wow you guys pay soooooo little… ive been getting quotes around 700 - 900 per year, that’s for a 2 mil policy,

im just curious what does your policy include???

That is scary you have been using insurance under only janitoral.

The janitoral coverage dose not include anything about 8ft, basically anytime you step on a step stool. There has always been a window cleaning insurance policy through safeco.
If your business is serious you should have the correct insurance.

Wow, I know this is gonna sound lame but I dont really know. I know it covers anyone who gets hurt, but if I put my face thru a glass pane I seem to recall that they dont cover me being stupid. Say, if I put my ladder against a pane and it breaks, they wont cover it. Hey Brian, who do you got?? Safeco? Text me and shoot me the info will ya? My guy usually finds the best deals around, and he didnt even tell me about 430.00 again. This year I am gonna have to have 2 mil, and also the commercial auto coverage.

I just paid my insurance toady. mine actually dropped about 4 %. My agent told me that anyone who filed a claim last year heir rates climbed an average of 25 %. That was for the ones that they decided to renew. Thay had a few that they would not renew this yr. He told me one guy has been with him for 10 yrs. 1 big claim last yr. Corp said no go on renewal. I’m with Am Fam. $ 575 for 1 mil

Bro… most car insurance companies do provide Commericial Auto Coverage… I go with Progressive, cause it has the best coverage for the price.

Janitorial covers up to secound floor. I have been listed under janitorial for 25 years. General liability policy

Progressive quoted me 2132 a yr for comm auto ins (allstate gave me 1100) and the rates for gen. liab. so far are: allstate gave me 715 yr. Brian from buittema & assoc gave me 947 a yr…I know they do credit chedks and my credit is in the toilet.

Mine is listed as janitorial, which covers up to but 3 floors. I told my agent everything I do and he said yes you fit best under janitorial. I’m with Am Fam, a couple years ago I was covered by Hartford, and they said the same thing. the $430 / year is for $1 mill.

that is really weird… cause with progressive they only added 10 dollars more per month for my f-150 on top of my regular policy :cool: