New ladder regulations

So here in Germany safety regulations get tighter and tighter every year now and now theyre after our ladders, so now there have to steps instead of rungs and they have to have an anti-slip coating or covering of some sort as well. Also theres trusses now at the bottom of them as well. Were now limited to , 5.50 meters of working height as well…

Heres a german publication of one of the companies producing these ladders:

There have been the first complains about them already, well u cannot put a ladder with trasses everywhere and the antislip can get kinky if u step on it wrong u get stuck on it while ur foot isnt fully on it…

What do u guys think and how is it with security regulations where u are working?

Have to be honest. Looks pretty good. If you’re the only company complying, you should be able to charge a premium.

That’s the part that would suck for me. Exterior work wouldn’t be a problem; just wfp anything above that height. But I do a lot of houses with cathedral ceilings, where I have to ladder up more than 20’ to reach some windows.

Here in the US, safety regs mostly apply to protecting employees. If you’re an owner-operator, you can get by with a lot more. I still try and use common sense, though. And I avoid any obvious OSHA violations when in the public view, since to onlookers I often appear to just be an employee.

Every company has to follow these restrictions.

We only have 1 First Gen Unger Hydro WFP and one of the old poles that are heavy and it’s like 9 meters or so I guess only.

So I guess this is no longer aloud . :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My stomach is in my throat just looking at that pic.


a pole and a moerman. i do lots of high insides here and haven’t brought a ladder in house in years.

Some cool history @BostonMike, but I’m with Alex!