NEW logo... NEW Business card

Took the plunge for clear plastic cards that are credit card thickness. I got sick of my cards getting wet folding blah blah blah. You name it I was sick of regular business cards. They are not memorable in anyway shape or form.

i was at a chamber of commerce event and someone handed me theyre business card that was credit card like, and i was so impressed every person i met i showed them how awesome his card was. I was sold!

.62 cents a card

1,000 including shipping to hawaii ran me about 755$. Thats like two inside outside jobs.

[COLOR=“blue”]GRAPHICS DESIGN!!! By a local recently graduated graphics designer. Kathryn. email me for her info if you like. She did this for me at 20$ an hour. Suffice to say the price was not bad at all. She does an amazing job.[/COLOR]

As soon as I get them i will make a video. I already have something in mind. My inspiration for this card came from a VERY unlikely source.:smiley:

My only concern about the business card was that you couldn’t read the black without the yellow highlight very well… but the plastic card people sent me samples and it works. it also gets people to look at it closer. They are really cool and leave a lasting impression. Solar panel cleaning is out and pressure washing is in…Solar panel cleaning is not worth the time/effort if someone ONLY wants solar panel cleaning.

That’s an awesome looking card.

Thanks I appreciate it. Kathryn does great work. Totally clean, professional and memorable. It also translates for car advertisements and stuff than my old one. I’m stoked on it.

Nice card. At the rate we give them out it might cost me $7 or $8 grand a year though.

Certainly im not talking about that kind of saturation with these cards… this is me testing them out. See how they make it around so i dont have to pass out as many business cards.

those cards are excellent. i come across this thread as i was wondering what became of Bubbakowski after his traumatic leg op . i REALLY hope he is okay ,noticed his websites down ,maybe somebody here has heard of any recent news?

Hope he’s ok too. Spoke to him several times after his accident. A war veteran and a budding entrepreneur, guy had a lot of courage to be open and authentic about what he was going through on here. E-mailed him last April and had no response.

Nice card, Stands out and I really like the color scheme.

I too still wonder about him and hope the best for him

I noticed a couple weeks ago that he isn’t around anymore.

I must be out of the loop. What happened to him? I remember meeting him
at NOLA two years ago.

a really good guy with some unfortunate luck. But inspiring thru his ordeal. Hope he comes back.

I designed my on, they’re magnetic cards, I figured that being magnets people are more likely to keep them or put them on their refrigerators. 18 cents a piece.


Cool cards I hope dude is alright.