New logo! whadya think?

I’m working on a new logo design… stuck to monochrome to keep things simple for now.<br>

Let me know what you think - constructive criticism, tweaks, whatever… I don’t wanna plaster an image everywhere until I know it will work :slight_smile:
also, for reference, here is my existing business card:

I’d like to hear thoughts on that as well.
thanks, everyone!

Not bad, though I’d go with a different color than black. Maybe blue and white?

But you’d be better off hiring a designer… for less than a hundred bucks they can take both of those drafts and clean them up so they look clean and ultra professional. Be sure to spend the extra few dollars (literally a few extra dollars @ and get the heavy stock, glossy, 2 sided cards.

These are the very first and last things most people will see when they hear about you. They need to look as good as possible

I use a local designer, her site is here
She charged me a whopping $30 to design my business cards, all via email.

Good luck!

Nice and simple, it works well. Pretty good idea actually, but it might be worth taking Taylon’s advice just to see if a professional designer can give it a bit extra something. If you dont like what they do, you can always keep it as it is.

I like it!!! Maybe it could use some color.



thanks everyone, for your advice… I agree with mostly everyone (besides that isdfk comment, whatever that meant) that the logo isn’t quite complete. I do intend on swapping the black out for some other color, possibly blue, or maybe swapping the white for yellow and adding an outline of the oval if i put the logo on black T’s? idk… anyway, i just sent this out to a friend who does graphic design- see what he thinks.

so, my friend got back to me super quickly. I’ll post what he said here because he has some great advice on logos in general: <br>
“Hi Alex.
This is a good start that you have here. Don’t worry about colors right now. A good Logo has to work in black and white – otherwise it fails its purpose.
The problem with is Logos is, that they have to be recognizable from far and still be readable on tiny spaces such as a business card. If you shrink the logo and print it on a business card, is your name still readable? You have to decide here what the main point is that you want to communicate. Do you have to include the graphic with your name or can the graphic stand for itself? Can a customer without any window washing experience immediately see what kind of service you are offering? Is there a reason for the round form? Could something that looks more like a window communicate the idea better? You also want to stay consistent with the size of the type you are using. Is there something unique you could come up with, that lets you stand out from your competition?
Just a few thoughts…”

here’s a link to my friend’s site: Ignazio Macaluso Design