NEW logo

Got this one done professionally (not for $5 on
Any changes that might be worthwhile? We are still in the revision phase. Thanks =)


i like it but, i do find there’s alot going on at the start and my eye goes straight to “clean”

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I agree. At first it seems like a lot to look at, but after a few seconds of looking around I see. Perhaps something similar that allows the eye to quickly grasp what the image is saying?

I like how clean it is. With just 2 colors it makes it simple and easy to replicate on all marketing which is good. I agree with everyone else about the beginning. As soon as I saw it I didn’t like that part. Its distracting to the eye and looks a bit awkward. Everything else is good though. I not sure about the shade of blue. It seems slightly dull to me but maybe not. I can’t decide if I like that or not. Over all I like it though. Your on the right track.

hmmmm maybe if you used some not in the LOG business…sorry couldn’t help it.

as i said overall i do like it but you need the instant recognition what if…
cahnge the A to a regular A without the drop, and make the squares all blue



It’s clean/easy on the eyes. It’s simple. It says what you do. Like it a lot.

the original or my suggested redesign?

What is you made the A a little larger and made it into the windows. So make the A like a commercial building in the shape of an A with the glass inside the frame. Just an idea. It may or may not logo good once you view it.

How about just the stylized A without the box?


I prefer the cactus redesign.


Nice Sameul !!! I think it could even be better though. Don’t ask me how !
I jsut see he makings of a really nice logo

But it is nice the way it is.

I think maybe you need to do something better with the window

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I like that alot better then the one with the window.

-Cleaning is better then washing

  • adding window cleaning to your logo long term might not be good…
    Reason- what if you want to grow into other services that become more profitable and window cleaning become an add-on instead of the “go to”.

Hope this helps Samuel.

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I had thought Alpha Clean Window Cleaning sounded kind of redundant.


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What about Alpha Male Window Cleaning?


ya my point was there is just too much and the a gets lost and then alpha is lost so either way your name is more visible. you are right cleaning would sound bad and they mean the same thing.
it looks great.

You could go with Alpha Clean Windows as legal name, and DBA Alpha Clean. Kind of what @Ericehlers does with his biz Super Clean Windows. His shirts has this: