New Metallica

Any body get it?

Its pretty sick.

I got it. It’s nice to hear that old metal feel they used to have. Still think Lars is getting old and slowing down. I think he peaked on justice and puppets albums. Hopefully this album does better than st. anger. They are coming to town in October so I guess I will have to go and see them again for the 8th time. For some reason they never get old to me. One of the reasons I started playing guitar and put the band together. lol

I’ve heard some and like it.

Haven’t seen them in 15 years, when Body Count opened.

Wow body count… Thats crazy… I was banned from buying that by the parents when they came out.

Sean just got tickets to see Metallica in January. They are going to be in Newark NJ. (lovely little town)

They’re here December 20th.

Claypool with Zappa Plays Zappa for NYE.

I have only heard that new Metallica song on the radio. It sounds better than that last turd they crapped out for us.

Lars was a beast on Justice (Dyers Eve :eek:). That is their heaviest album/tape/cd for sure, just a little over produced.

I really liked Kill em all, Ride the lightning, Master of puppets and Justice for all.

I really like this new one. It is nice to hear that old sound. Can’t wait to see them again. February 1st in Newark. We have great seats, nice and close!

Got the CD today, and (as expected) the mastering sounds just as bad as the mp3’s. I mean, Didn’t somebody actually listen to this before pressing a million copies and go "whoah, this sounds distorted " Yeah, great, your CD is louder than everyone elses.

And it’s a shame it sounds so bad, because I really like the songs!

Ah yes, the glory days. Master Of Puppets will always be my fav.

Funniest thing, my dad (who’s 73 yr old) e-mails me the other day to let me know about the new Metallica album coming out. He’s not a fan but he’s sure up on modern rock. Strange cause he raised me on classical and baroque music. Actually, he’s more of a Yngwie Malmsteen or Joe Satriani guy.

I love joe satriani. I tickets to his show here this month. If he likes joe satriani tell him to check out Joe Stump. He is an instructor at berkley and plays a strat like no one else.