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You can grab another free listing online here:

Didn’t Don do one as well?

can’t get thru to the site.

Weird, the link works fine for me.

The link works for me as well.

Dems some goofy-looking bears!

My wife thinks they are cute. At least is isn’t named 3 pot bellied pigs window cleaning, or 3 rednecks window cleaning.

Did you sign up?

I am already on that one…

The 3bears site is actually optimized(SEO) for the search engines.

You would be a fool not to sign up

Or, not have a website.

Well you don’t need a website when you are listed on 3bears…

how are the fires up there Larry?

Who really goes there?

They’re saying full containment by July 24 or 26.

It’s been a rough 4 or 5 weeks. My family and I have been fortunate (only precautionary evacuation notices for me/wife/kids, but immediate threat evacuation for my in-laws – twice!)

In June, the Humboldt Fire claimed 70+ homes and one-third of the town was evacuated. Over 23,000 acres were burnt. We could see the flames at night one canyon over. Some friends lost their homes. We had over 4,000 fire fighters in the area.

The Butte Lightning Complex fires began June 21. Over 50 homes have been lost, and human remains have been found at one site. Once again, one-third of the town was evacuated. Over 54,000 acres have burned so far. Some days, visibility was only ~100 yards. Ash was raining down for days – the poor air quality was off the charts.

Wow, that is crazy.

I suppose the window cleaning biz is pretty dead right now

I obviously needed to reschedule some yearly and new business.

Because of road closures, some weekly and bi-weekly residential work needed to be canceled, including up to last Friday (they set-up a road block as I was on my way ~8:00AM. I phoned the customer – she already had her bags and valuables ready to go…)

I tried to limit my time outdoors, and I worked with a mask as needed. Other route business took place in a larger, nearby city – the air wasn’t quite as bad. For ~3 weeks, I awoke between 2:00AM and 3:00AM due to the smell of smoke. One bad day after overdoing it – a migraine-type headache.

The local hospital is still closed, including the emergency room, due to its proximity to the fire.

I’m still very fortunate.

Lots of folks. :slight_smile:

I’ve applied a number of search engine optimization tactics to 3 bears, so it is being recognized by the search engines even though it’s fairly new. I just checked google this morning and we’re number 3 for “window cleaning directory” (w/o the quotes) and number 6 for “window washing directory” (again, w/o the quotes). That’s out of over 1.3 million and 1.4 million results respectively.

A quick note that 3 bears is not a typical directory which just lists company names and basic info. Those types of directories certainly serve a purpose, but they aren’t search engine magnets because the content generally remains the same or grows very slowly. What we did with 3 bears was include premium listing functionality which allows window cleaners to create their own web pages that have their own unique web address on 3 bears website. Each of these web pages can contain the window cleaner’s specific meta tag information for his/her location. And the window cleaner can add additional content for his business on these web pages including uploading a company logo or photo.

So new content being added regularly to a site along with the new web pages being created is the first step to attracting the search engines. The next step is to make sure that these individual web pages will pull up in the search engine results when prospects search for window cleaners, and that’s where the specific meta tags and specific window cleaner content (on the web pages they create) comes in. Ex: If someone is looking for “window cleaning in Sumter County”, the goal is to have a window cleaner who is in Sumter county and who has created a web page (premium listing) on 3 bears to rank highly in the search engines for that term. We have a video that shows how to go about creating proper meta tags.

High rankings are not guaranteed of course, and getting high rankings does take some time. It’s not an overnight process. But as more and more window cleaners create premium listings on 3 Bears, the search engines will be indexing more and more pages of the 3 Bears window cleaning directory which means better rankings for all of us. The classic win-win-win. Prospects are winning because they’re getting exactly what they’re looking for. Search engines are winning because they’re getting content that they thrive on. And we’re winning because we’re getting additional customers.

Anyway…this is why 3 bears works and why the search engines like it. It took 3 months to create this directory specifically because we wanted to include functionality in the directory that’ll really provide a boost to window cleaners. Our premium listing does this. And we’re actually in the process of making a few revisions so the directory will have even more impact in the search engines. One recent revision we introduced now allows window cleaners to assign their business to up to 3 different cities when they create a listing. So when a prospect happens to visit the main directory and clicks on their “State”, they may see you display within 3 different “City” locations (assuming you assigned your business to 3 cities when creating your listing).

It’s free to create a listing, so whether someone has a website or not, it makes sense to snag a listing. I don’t know of any window cleaner who will turn down free business. :slight_smile: Besides I’ve seen many web sites not properly optimized for the search engines. I even saw a window cleaning directory not too long ago that had the term “Florida” as a meta title for the web page that had florida window cleaners listed on it. This title tag won’t work because the search engines will never be able to figure out what the web page is about. The most important meta tag is the meta title.

Another reason why someone with a website should still create a listing with 3 bears is because most traditional websites don’t grow with new content. They consist of static html web pages which don’t change much, if at all. What happens in this case is the search engine’s spiders won’t come around to sites that aren’t increasing their page count and/or new content. The spiders get bored and move onto to other sites that are growing.

Just some things to keep in mind. Have a great day.


How do you know all this - I wish there was a marketing course in Internet stuff like this!!
Spiders get bored :eek:

because steve is the man… i am proof of that…

I’ve seen quite a few window cleaning directorys - I’m listed on some & yet to have one call from any. This might be just my demographics, but if you put “find a window cleaner” in google - the ones that come out top would be the ones I would consider listing in. Personally, I would just punch in “window cleaner/washer” and then the town & state you are in, because I might be wrong, but I reckon this is how most clients find your business. Tell me if I’m wrong? As I said, I’m not the most knowledgable guy when it comes to spiderbots & keywords. I’m all for being educated. I would really like to find a good site for internet idiots in respect to search engine optimisation & ‘how-to’ stuff.

I just threw up in my mouth a little bit… Steve may not want to lay claim to that.

Steve Wright created the directory (I think)

CFP, you are a ****** ***

Right…spiders get bored. :slight_smile:

This is a result of the directories not being optimized properly. There is a right way and a wrong way to apply search engine optimization tactics to a website. Most of my research has seen it done incorrectly. A perfect example is what I mentioned above with “Florida” being a title tag on a recent directory I saw. This page won’t get any action from the search engines because the search engines won’t know what the page is about. Is it about florida beekeepers, florida marlins, florida tourism? They don’t know. If you don’t give the search engine spiders some spider food to nibble on, then they’ll look elsewhere. :slight_smile:

And keep in mind that most directories are standing still. What I mean is that let’s say a directory starts with 100 web pages on it. It’s generally at 100 pages in a year, 2 years, etc. Yes, there will be additional window cleaners listed within those 100 pages so there is the advantage of “some” additional content for the search engines. But the page count isn’t increasing. And as mentioned in a previous post, the search engine spiders love constantly growing websites.

This is exactly what most searchers will look for online. It could be “window cleaner in sumter” or “need a window cleaner in 39087” or “find a window cleaner in duvall”, etc. etc. So these are the kinds of meta tags that need to be inserted into a web page. One of the most common mistakes I see is that window cleaners will insert their company name as the meta title. A company name as the meta title doesn’t do any good because most searchers aren’t going to be searching for you by company name. If they’re searching, they don’t even know your company name. So they’ll more than likely be searching for “window cleaning” related terms.

Anyway…just some thoughts to think about.

The big thing to remember though is that high rankings don’t happen right away. I got a call this morning from someone who created a premium listing/web page on 3 bears and he was wondering what keyword he needed to type into the search engines so that he can find his web page. It just doesn’t happen like that. It’s actually one of the most common questions I get. Many folks think they can create a web page or a website and whammo, they’re at the top of the rankings. First, search engines need to index the web page. And then once it’s indexed, there are a few other requirements needed to boost it up the rankings. I talked about much of this above like proper meta tags, constantly changing content, regularly adding new pages to the website/directory, etc. etc.

As a side note though, keep in mind that all this talk above has to do with “on-site optimization”. These are things that can be done directly to your website to improve it in the rankings. But there’s a whole other side of search engine optimization called “off-site optimization”. That’s for another day. :slight_smile:

Right…I created 3 bears window cleaning directory. If you have any questions on it, please let me know via email or pm.

Have a good day.


Thanks for the lesson & detailed explanation.
Its interesting to note the meta-tag & the company name doesn’t produce results. Perhaps you could list the tags that produce the most response? Isn’t there a limit?