New Pella removable storm panels

I have dealt with Pella interior storms with grills and blinds for many years. Today, however, I went to bid on a nursing home and it has a new kind of pella storm that has the blind and the grill in the middle. I didn’t get to look too closely at the design. Have any of you dealt with these windows, and if so, are they easy to deal with in terms of opening them up? Ive seen new pella doors that have the removable panel but the storm swung out. Do the Double hung windows do the same? Any info would be helpful so i can bid accordingly. thanks!

The DH Pellas I’ve dealt w/ have removable panels. The casements range from removable panels to swing out panels. I have never run across a DH w/ a swing out panel though.
If it is a removable panel it will likely be a IG unit as the panel. Heavy suckers!:eek:

Thanks for the reply. I don’t think its an IG unit because I was told by the builder you can access the blinds in between. They had an unfamiliar clip which looked like the patio door storm i had seen. I’m probably gonna email the builder who asked me to do the estimate about them…I hate to do it though.

The ones we did had grills in between the fixed panel and the removable IG panel.

All in all Pella makes some of the most [I]user hostile[/I] windows I’ve ever dealt with. The time involved in pulling the removable panel off/swinging out, getting the grill off and either removing the blind or flipping it over to the other side and then actually cleaning all 4 sides requires probably triple the time of just a standard side one and side two panel. I’d charge more than double the price of a standard panel.

I did one new home with this style Pella. They call it the designer line. As said earlier they are hinged and the blinds are a big pain. Charge much more than you normal Pella price and use lots of patients.

See this is funny because it’s at a nursing home.

So normally if this was a house, id have no problem charging double my usual for these windows…however, this is for a builder I work for on occassion. It is a 1 story nursing home facility, and there are 184 of these style windows. There is no way I can charge almost $4ooo for this job. There are other door areas and picture windows too.
The place doesnt feel like it has that many windows. They are built out in a mini bay as a set of 4. If this was a job that you guys were bidding on…would you bid high and chance not getting it, or would you bid lower. even if i only bid $12 a window (which i know is low) thats still about $2300 for the whole job. It feels high. I also appreciate what your saying about it being a pain in the ass to deal with. opinions?