New Pella windows & doors with coating on them

I have a customer that recently had some new Pella windows and doors installed. She said they told her that the glass has a coating on them and they will never need to be cleaned. The windows only have a little silicone on them from where the film on the glass was removed. I plan on just using a magic eraser to remove the silicone along the edges of each pane. I don’t want to use any razor blades.

Anyone have experience with cleaning these windows?

Thanks for the help!

Don’t use anything on these. Magic eraser will smear the silicon, razors will scratch the glass.

Pella tries to reinvent the window every few years, and they ALWAYS screw it up.

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Im sorry but :joy::joy::joy::joy: to what the owner said!

Hey Chris. What do you recommend I use to get the thin line of silicone off along the edges? It is about a 1/4 of a inch away from the edges.

I just called Pella corporate office. The lady I spoke with told me to use straight rubbing alcohol with a cloth to take off the silicone. She said not to use a magic eraser. We shall see.


Chad, use a damp microfiber towel not a huck or anything abrasive try it fist with out the alcohol first.

You would be amazed what a damp microfiber will remove.

Here’s video from Caleb that explains the process in detail.

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Thanks Steve! I go there in a few weeks. I will try that

Let me know how it works out for you Chad.

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So if a customers calls to have these windows cleaned I wonder if Pella will foot the bill?

I think all of us have been called to clean the famous self cleaning glass at some stage in our careers.