New phonebook ad

My new phone book ad for power washing. Any thoughts. I need to finalize any changes soon. Thanks,


Looks good. Business card size?

You need a bigger surface cleaner. How big is that one in the picture?

I would put your area code in the phone number

After looking at it again, I thought I may make a few suggestions. The font of the words “Pressure Cleaning” in your logo looks a bit generic. Make it bold, use up more of that free space. I would also increase the font size of the “Fully Insured” and the points below it. A simple light background would help out the overall look of the ad as well.

After watching your video about Rain Flow, why don’t you advertise that?

His ad will already be in the Power or Pressure Washing section – perhaps the space could be used for something else more compelling to readers?

Steve: Did you reread Jason’s topic regarding his ad? Lots of good replies there, yes?

Thanks Larry, no I didn’t see it, I will look for it. As far as this copy goes, it is my concept of what I want. Things like the font sizes and area code will be addressed by the graphics people at the phone book company.

The one in the picture is like 18" I think. WE only use it for small patios and walkways etc… It is a very handy tool. I am hoping to get a “real” one soon, but I think a WFP setup will win out over a surface cleaner for now.