New postcard

We used one of the new WCRA postcards and changed it up a little. I need some fresh eye’s to look for typos and mistakes. I had to take a pic with my iphone because the file was to big so it might be a little hard to see.

I like it. It would catch my eye. Very simple.

Technically you’re not allowed to use the Angie’s List SSA logo on any mass mailing. I’ve used it in the past as well though.

Thanks! I will fix that.

Nice DJ

look good

just to let you know you don’y have to do the postal customer thing it could be much smaller next to the indicia

like this:

So I don’t need the Postal customer or it could be smaller?? Which one?

like the sample I attached

I like it

Now way! really?!! That is nice

The cards don’t go thru a reader at the post office they get loaded straight to the truck for the route selected, so it doesn’t have to be formatted for the reader. This is for eddm cards.

Looks good.