New residential flier

What do you guys reckon. Any thoughts on how to improve it? I was thinking of putting an ad in one of the local papers, then the day after everyone receives the paper, doing a flier letter drop with this flier then a few days after door knocking the area.

reminds me of the Alcoholics Anonymous logo

Dammit, I know. We’ve already established our company with this logo. Might have to change it slowly over the next few months. Other than that, what do you reckon?

Do you turn up drunk :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you may need a pic of a squeegee in there. I also think you’ve gone for the minamalist approach. I don’t know much about marketing, but I’m sure others will tell you what’s missing. To me, on first look, it looked some pamphlet for financial services. Change it to black with gold lettering - then you may have the elitist look you may? have been looking for.

I used to use the 5 around method with a flyer or a post card.
It went to the 3 neighbors across the street and one on each side of every job. If I had time I knocked on the door. If no one answered I would drop it off. If I was in a rush I mailed the 5 post cards. Big Letters YOUR NEIGHBOR LOVES MY SERVICE. Now my residential service is all repeat and referal. I actually have to much work. I have heard that the yellow pages and news paper ads do not bring in quality leads. I can always target market wealthy neighborhoods with the 5 around method when I need more business.:wink:

More info on flyer needed but not to much.
I think they will associate your logo with AA.
Personally I wouldn’t call a bunch of guys from AA. I wouldn’t risk it. Just my opinion.

The main thing for me is to move your call to action to the front (book by Jan1 and get 10% off). It is more likely to get them to read on.

quote: “Might have to change it slowly over the next few months”

Sorry, but I would change it immediately.

nice first post.

After reading Kevin’s book I have redesigned everything, including this flyer.

Good for you, man. Kudos on taking action on what you learned.

May we see the new version?