New RO Membrane not working well

I just replace the RO membrane on my IPC system. I’m frustrated that a brand-new membrane is only rejecting 88% of the TDS. My input water is 233. It’s coming out of the RO, before the DI, at 29. I expect a new membrane to be at 95%, which would be about 12 with my water.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

How long have you ran it?

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@RHG_Products I checked the numbers after it ran for 5-10 minutes.

Tony you need to take a look at your gallons per minute of your wastewater and your gallons per minute of pure water there is a troubleshooting form in your manual I will send you a PDF link here just in case you don’t have it. That system is very balanced so need to make sure the valves are working good.
In order to properly evaluate and troubleshoot the system, you will need to perform a complete
set of tests on the unit. These tests will help identify the cause of the problem. To run these tests, you will need the following items:
• Watch or clock with a sweep second hand.
• 3 gallon bucket.
• Volume measurement method. This could be volume graduation marks inside the bucket
or a measuring cup/container.
Flow testing procedure:
• With water running from hose being tested, direct ow into bucket for exactly 1 minute while timing with watch.
• Measure volume of water and record the gallons per minute ow rate.
• If water volume is very low, perform a 2 - minute test and divide ow by 2.
• If water volume is more than your bucket can hold in 1 minute, take a 30 second ow test
and multiply the result by 2.
• Record the results in gpm (gallons per minute).
• Supply water ow __________________ gpm
3. Measure the TDS and temperature of the supply water.
• Supply water TDS __________________ ppm • Supply water temperature ____________ °C
4. Connect the supply water hose to the machine and turn on the water. Open the ush valve to purge the air from the system. Then close the ush valve and read the pressure on the gauge.
• Supply water pressure _______________ psi
5. Open the ush valve. Start the motor on the machine. Measure the water ow from the ush valve hose.
• Flush water ow ____________________ gpm
6. Open the Pure water valve. Allow water to ow onto the ground or into a drain. For testing purposes, do not connect a pole hose. Close ush valve. Wait for 1 minute to allow system to
stabilize. Read the system operating pressure on gauge.
• System operating pressure ____________ psi
7. Measure the water ow from the wastewater hose.
• Wastewater ow ___________________ gpm
8. Measure the water ow from the pure water hose.
• Pure water ow ____________________ gpm
9. Measure the TDS of the pure water.
• Pure water TDS ____________________ ppm
10. Measure the TDS of the wastewater.
• Wastewater TDS ____________________ ppm



I will run these tests in a couple of days and get you the results. Who will analyze these numbers for me?

I need to figure out what is going on. My new resin lasted less than one week and it made less than 300 gallons of pure water. This is the wrong time of year to have my filter system fail me. Thanks for your help.

I will and then discuss it with the tec support with IPC eagle.

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