New scam.... Beware!

I am sure all of you who have a website have been getting the cold-calls from telemarketers who offer to put your website on the first page of Google and Yahoo and just about every other search engine known to man…I made the mistake 3 TIMES!!! I know, dont say it.

Just in case you have not been as stupid as I was and are thinking of signing up, here are a few things you should know.

Elocal artists
relevants ads---------same

They both will promise to put you on the PPC (1-5), local (a-h), and THE ORGANIC SECTION, for 199.00 per month! That is an awesome deal.

Here are the drawbacks, Elocal listings picks your keywords for you and the ones they pick dont work, both companies took a 250.00 “set-up” fee (rip you off quick cause you wont be a repeat customer fee) and NO company can consistantly manage a pay per click campaign at the top 5 slots for a month for 200 dollars, much less make sure you are on the first page of google in the organic listing. I was with BOTH of these companies for 3 months because they said it should already be on google but for some reason it is taking longer than normal…

There are companies out there that can do this service, but it is about 10 times the cost. These are the companies to trust. I dont have a list of those companies because I dont have that kind of money for that…but I will update this post when I know whice ones to trust.

Meanwhile, have them deliver first. If they have good customer service, they should be able to do that…but so far I havent found one yet out of the 2 per week that call me.

Just be careful, and put your money where it needs to be so you can survive what lies ahead…:wink: